1. Yep, looks good now! Please check your other transcriptions, I've also left comments on two others :)

  2. Would you happen to have a link to that comment still? We'll likely get in touch with them about that.

  3. Also, it's a news site with a verified account

  4. "CasualHoya" does not have a Wikipedia page as far as I could tell. That's the only condition that's mentioned in the rules sidebar :)

  5. Oh absolutely! It’ll be fixed by the time you read this!

  6. Um, should I edit it? Because it was visible in the photo so I figured it should but I won’t next time. Sorry I’m not very good yet

  7. No worries, happy to help! If you have any other transcribing questions or if you're not sure about a subreddit's personal information rules, feel free to reach out on our

  8. Cool, I'll make sure we update that template; thanks for letting me know!

  9. Just a couple more notes here; you can be a bit less repetitive and move the description of the man's appearance inside the image description (which should be in full sentences!). Also, in Panel 1, since there's no dialogue, you don't have to put the line for it there.

  10. Looks like you've missed the word "WITH" in the second panel, and don't forget that your description for panel 1 should be a full sentence! Other than that, it's looking good.

  11. Did that. I really appreciate the feedback you and other mods have been giving me.

  12. No problem; we're happy to help out! Your transcription looks great now :)

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