What is criminally overpriced?

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  1. TBF those signals are only impossible to read if you weren't raised with sisters, you learn to speak the language, I have 4 sisters personally, made life soooooooo much easier as a straight man that is

  2. Why don't people in my area flirt like this? ;_;

  3. I'm from Shimla. Aur kitna bahar niklu?

  4. Shimla toh kuch zyada hi bahar ho gaya,gaane mein bhi "Shimle Ni Vasna, Kasauli Ni Vasna" bolte hain.

  5. Omg th, I think we would be in the same batch then or maybe you're my senior. During my 10th lalus PA's daughter used to come and take the exam there, in her huge ass Innova. Clearly remember.

  6. Arey yeh chodu se mensxp jaise pages k articles aate h , " how to be mysterious" " being a mystery will make other sex wonder about you". To apne youth bann jaata h chutiya. Laundo ko ban na alpha , sigma male. Ladkiyo ko ban na h mysterious. Dikhaava reh gaya h bus. In reality such people can't hold a conversation for more than 5 minutes , because they don't know how to. They don't know how to ask right questions.

  7. Kuch hoga andar mein phir na baat kar paaenge😂

  8. Someone commented the last time that this page is for cringey Indian men on dating apps, so here. Self reporting myself.

  9. Dating apps have increased the self confidence of average girls by 100x and lowered self confidence of average guys by 1000x.

  10. I don't really know your interests, discord, twitter, slack is where communities thrive,its a big world out there online

  11. Happy to see him reach this far,since i have played and toured with him while our bihar cricket days

  12. I went from my hometown to delhi just to watch this movie since it was released in limited cities

  13. Idea ka sim Lelo guys, tumhara bhi hojaega

  14. I don't think Dolby Atmos mastering for music has established best practices or even very matured tools in comparison to stereo. (I am a ME, just very interested in working in Atmos.)

  15. In india there is music engineer named shadab rayeen check out his insta,he seems to have well established setup

  16. From my experience, I’d say the ability to detach as a man.

  17. Get the degree. No one needs a PM in a down economy. Think long term, not short term. In the long term, the degree will always benefit you. The degree is for life. The job is only going to last a few years at best.

  18. No one needs a PM in a down economy is pretty bad take on the role,sad to see that it got highest upvotes.

  19. In my 25 years of work experience, when companies make cuts these are the roles they cut. They will just pile whatever work on someone else. There might still be a need for the role, but most businesses will cut it ASAP, just like they will get rid of any roles these see as cost centers.

  20. Technically they will flesh out bad developers/no of developers required to do certain task to save costs ,also product roles have evolved in in current times.

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