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  1. How else will they sell it again and justify making it MORE expensive?

  2. The store I go to sells both. They have dildos and stuff on one side and bongs on the other. The fake urine is just chillin behind the register.

  3. There's a glass shop near me like that too! I went in for a glass piece one day and while the guy is ringing me up and we're talking, I see Hitachi magic wands and rabbit vibrators hanging on the wall behind him.

  4. Is it making you jittery and anxious and HIGH? Or just jittery and anxious?

  5. I'm not sure why people are hating on this just because she was murdered. Is it because it's a murdered woman?

  6. Simrell has it on their site. $99 with a titanium intercooler and a FMJ

  7. That's what a lot of people in other subs say about Dynavap 🤷‍♂️

  8. Rest, immediately get bed rest and drink some water.

  9. Sounds like you'd dig "cake" strains. Usually they will feature caryophellene as the primary terp. Very relaxing, great for sleep. WR is the same cultivator as buckeye relief, and their dosidos is consistent, inexpensive, and very terp heavy in the way that might work for you.

  10. Linalool is great for anxiety. I have always had issues with an overactive fight/flight response; my sympathetic nervous system was just non-stop. It was like I was expecting an ambush just walking down the hall. And God forbid I actually experience any real stress or "danger".

  11. Cheers. Don't know why I'm getting downvoted. I should imagine it's only silicone. It's a medical device FFS and it's hardly like it'll get hot. It's got a CU to go through first. I like it, it's really long and flexible. It reaches from jean pocket to mouth as well, I've got a dimpled mouthpiece from a Tasty Tube and a j hook. I can stroll about puffing like Sherlock Holmes, with my Crafty in my pocket.

  12. It's a medical device, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's medical grade. True, honest-to-God sphygmomanometers in doctor's offices look like they're made from rubber. I'm sure they're not made to the same standards as IV tubing and nasal cannulas, because they weren't designed for that purpose.

  13. I haven't used resin or hash, but I've used rosin with flower in the B. No dynacoil. Worked fine.

  14. M plus, plus a few other extras , not a bad deal

  15. Right? Drama or not, I'm considering it. I'm relatively new to vaping, I have a B. I was planning on getting another device at some point, and was waiting to see what was offered when the M+ dropped. Simrell is offering a better deal than Dynavap right now 🤷‍♂️

  16. Listen to me please. Buy a Dani v3 or fusion. Get a chill steel pipe. It’s literally end game.

  17. That steel pipe does look killer. If I ever break my glass, that would likely be what replaced it.

  18. Friendly reminder to use a password manager such as Bitwarden to prevent password reuse and ensure that if a site is hacked, that password can't be used elsewhere.

  19. Yep. And for purchases from potentially sketchy sites, use only pre-paid cards. In the event your information is stolen, you'll only be out the amount on the pre-paid card, and may be able to recover some of that. Better than having your bank account drained from your debit card.

  20. Keanu was a punching bag for years and years until his good guy renaissance.

  21. Man the first time I saw an ethernet port on a washing machine it was like

  22. Lots of good tips here. Don't pack the bowl too tightly; using the "straw" method ensures good airflow.

  23. Using the straw method, do think I packed to closely to the brim a few times. Also great visual tips for the torch use, thank you!

  24. Hope it helped! I can't take the credit though; I read it here posted by another dyna user and it stuck with me.

  25. if this field of research appeals, then you might want to check out these articles as well.

  26. Got this a few weeks back for $28 on sale and I’m not sure if this is a desirable flavor or a bad batch. It’s super chemically and almost mentholly in flavor. Effects are good but I’m just not sure on the taste. Even vapes very low temps on youcan uni pro

  27. You know? If it was another vape or different tips that you put it on, that's one thing. But this is a Dynavap product on another Dynavap product. Unless they clearly say "Don't use x with y", it's on them imo

  28. Well, a few cycles in and it's ravaged my omni tip. Looks like shit + what looks like metal fragments in the fins.

  29. Hopefully if your tip is that beat up already, they'll replace it for you, but

  30. As a side note, i really hate that i even have to bother. I do miss getting stoned, but what i miss far more is that thc was doing amazing things for my depression and anxiety on a daily basis even while sober. I was losing weight because I was drinking so much less, i was enjoying life and discovering new things about myself. The fact i can be denied a job because of something that was almost completely a positive to me is fucking criminal.

  31. Preaching to the choir here, unfortunately. I hate the fact that I live in a med state and use MMJ, but have no employee protections.

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