Man attacks skater kids 3 times before eating a board

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  1. One really really has to keep in mind that each of us are the center of our universe. Each and every one of us. And everyone creates their own reality, to one extent or another. There is precious little reason to trust that pernicious forces haven’t aligned against you. My comfort comes from the fact that I’m not important enough to anyone that they are willing to expend resources to thwart me. But I believe there are people who have incurred such wrathful misfortune. I’m sorry to those so afflicted and I hope they’re wrong. Many appear to be. But I’m not the one gonna tell em otherwise. Not if I don’t care about them personally. There’s no percentage in it for me and no reason I can be absolutely certain that my opinion is correct. Good luck all of you. And bless “former” spooks who come on to share your experience. I don’t trust you, but I believe you more than most people who identify as TI. There’s my two cents like it matters!

  2. You look like you were hot, but now are average maybe slightly above but that will change in the next few years.

  3. Worst part about this video is how the witnesses are fine with a fully grown man swinging at kids. But as soon as the kids retaliate the witnesses defend the aggressor.

  4. They would. Supercomputers allow for the development of much longer lines which players back then would have no way of verifying are correct.

  5. You know, the Earth is roughly 8,000 miles in diameter. So if you are traveling on the surface of the Earth, the radius of the curve is about 4,000 miles. If you are in an airplane, 7 miles above the Earth, the radius becomes 4,007 miles. It's completely negligible.

  6. Look, you are just totally off here. The extra distance flown by flying higher is completely negligible and the thinner air at higher altitudes means greatly reduces drag, allowing the aircraft to fly at much higher speeds. Many people have explained this to you already.

  7. Much if that is unhealthy, but would make good compost.

  8. This is where I get stuck, I can't choose if I should go to the next appointment or not, not choices have a big risk behind them.

  9. Is the soda putting out the first so effectively because of the carbon dioxide?

  10. The fact you're here talking behind your man's back tells me everything i need to know.

  11. Pretty sure nurses give the wrong drugs to old ppl a lot.

  12. He could have said this same thing in the 60s and 70s and the country is still standing (for now).

  13. Yes because for the past 200 years freedom has been gradually robbed from the masses.

  14. Considering it doesn't exist, check yourself into the nearest psych ward?

  15. How long does the wood last i always wonder. A lot of work and it must decay quite rapidly.

  16. I went to a whore once and literally paid to get gonorrehea (severe like within 24 hours was pissing white liquid that's how nasty she is).

  17. Yes the perps will turn everyone in your life against you and anyone new you might meet. Theyre master manipulators and they can appear to be "random" false witnesses so ppl will not expect they have a motive to lie about you. If any of your family were your handlers pre overt they will also use their position as family to conviningly lie about you bc ppl wont expect that your family would go so far to lie


  19. It's common knowledge that "horses can be led to water, but can't be forced to drink".

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