Does anyone else think a Gordon Ramsay esque TV show called IT Nightmares would be a great idea?

When laughter meets percussion

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  1. Please share the errors you are getting when running php artisan migrate. During the debugging process, be sure to run that command once at a time when sharing errors/logs. Running this twice can cause difference errors to be shown and become misleading.

  2. Might be worth running git config core.fileMode false in your BookStack folder to ignore permission changes, this is something I include by default on the more recent install scripts.

  3. I GOT IT! I've been banging my head against this for weeks and rolling back to that initial snapshot. Turns out the critical change in my approach was to drop the jobs, failed_jobs, webhooks, and webhooks_tracked_events tables BEFORE performing the migration step.

  4. Have you considered the overnight sensations or the hitmakers from Paul Carmody? I've heard both, and they both have pleasing bass and the slightly warm Carmody house sound. Both would be fine without a sub for the situation you're describing.

  5. Way flicking cool!!! I'm sure you know this Deiter Rams designed units have a cult following. You should also know you want to (or have a tech) replace any old electrolytic capacitors in tat tube amp.

  6. I have heard, yes. I haven't tried to play anything yet, but will probably try replacing the needle first.

  7. Hello - I am working to get a Braun SK61 turntable into working order for a relative.

  8. Hello - I am working to get a Braun SK61 turntable into working order for a relative.

  9. Replacing the needle is enough. Just make to sure to get a recent aftermarket replacement unit. On NOS needles the rubber will have hardened by now and you won‘t get any meaningful bass out of your records. The one you posted should fit and sound fine.

  10. Thanks! Do you think I need to remove the tone arm to do the work, or would the needle just slot in to a removable portion of the stylus?

  11. Hello - I am working to get a Braun SK61 turntable into working order for a relative.

  12. If you're building these, I'd be really curious to see lots of pictures and things! Something I've wondered about is whether they would be a good candidate for an active crossover, given the fearsome complexity of the passive one they're designed around. Nothing useful to add, just hope you find the info you need and can do what looks to be a very cool build!

  13. Nice! Gotta love some good sounding tiny speakers. What’s with the ugly office phone?

  14. I live in a weird place with only satellite internet access - that's my phone to the outside world and it fits nicely by the chair.

  15. Built this over the last few months - a pair of Jeff Bagby's Quarks and Paul Carmody's Voxel sub.

  16. Built this over the last few months - a pair of Jeff Bagby's Quarks and Paul Carmody's Voxel sub.

  17. I'm trying to also recess the tweeter. My plan is to use the jig to recess as much as I can, free hand the rest, then use a hole or paddle saw in a drill press to cut the hole. I didn't know if there was an easier or better way.

  18. I've used a forstner bit sized to the outer diameter of the flange, then a smaller hole saw centered in the same place for the through hole. The other thing I've done that worked quite well was to cut the through hole with a hole saw or a spade bit, and then used a rabbeting bit the same width as the flange on a router table or plunge router. That method lets you set the depth on the router, then use the through hole as the guide to keep everything nice and round. The shop I have access to has an adjustable bit that lets you change out the bearing to make different width rabbets by 16ths of inches, and you can always add a bit of tape to the bearing to make your own custom size in between steps.

  19. Curious about what you think of the finished product. I built one a year and a half ago and could never get the mids and sub to blend properly. I ended up reusing the Founteks for a pair of Jeff Bagby's quarks, and have kept the body of the Isetta around as a sub.

  20. 8" Goldwood 8003's, in a 9" wide by 10" deep by 20" tall all-glued baltic birch and MDF enclosure.

  21. More pics of the back, please! Would love to see how you fitted the plug + speaker terminals.

  22. Can you talk about sound impressions and design? How did you decide on these drivers?

  23. Curious about the frequency response. Do you have any measurements? Would also love to see the crossover design.

  24. Brand isn't the issue. Physics of the woofer interaction with the air in the cabinet is. Then the crossover design will have a whole bunch of other complications to it if you want to have both a woofer and a tweeter.

  25. I figured it out- I had to remove all audio inputs to get the USB to connect. It seems like it must be some electrical noise preventing a reliable connection. That’s going to make it really inconvenient if I need to do that every time I want to add files for BEQ or otherwise alter settings.

  26. I'm in a weird position because I originally had the light in warm, and it broke after about 6 months of use. Armytek replaced the light, but the warm was out of stock, so I agreed to the white (cree XHP50) light thinking it would be fairly neutral. They won't replace it again because they've done it once, so I'm sort of stuck with this one unless I can find a person who likes cool lights to trade with. Hence the filter.

  27. If you route the video sources directly to the TV and then pull the audio back to the AVR with an optical or digital coax, then you can use older equipment and get the same functionality.

  28. thanks for the info! newbie question but how would I connect them to a pc? would I need to buy a HIFI stereo power amp?

  29. Even just a lepai 2020 would be great. Amps make the small line level wiggle from your aux jack into a bigger wiggle that can move speaker drivers.

  30. Have you verified that they sound the same if you use a different source? Have you replaced the cable?

  31. ratchet straps, tightly tied rope/shoe laces, rubber bands, zipties

  32. I built a pair of c notes with my dad and we used twine with pencils twisted in it as home made ratchet straps. Worked great.

  33. This is such a departure from the oft-heard BoFH refrain. The idea of this show is the healing that my heart didn't know it needed.

  34. In the end everyone is a user, everyone is a human, everyone deserves empathy. Helpdesk is important and valuable and is a great way to learn people skills.

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