1. I have a chem exam tomorrow and just a started studying an hour ago, you’ll be alright lol

  2. Np, good luck in AF! I’m considering taking data e-learning through PRISM but i’m not too sure about workload and how assignments work. Do you happen to have any idea on how it works because i’m clueless

  3. This seems realistic and definitely doable! If writing is your strong suit, you shouldn’t have a problem

  4. I just want to say that it took my son many many months (honestly a good 10), countless applications and a handful of interviews to finally get his first job. It was really hard for him and I just wanted you know you’re not alone in the struggle.

  5. If you know anyone who has a job near you, your best bet is probably to get a referral. You're a lot more likely to be hired that way.

  6. Thank you! I’ll definitely change up the resume a bit based on the job i’m applying to. I haven’t looked into other part-time roles like my local library or clerk positions either so that’s a great suggestion.

  7. They always say “if I offer extra credit to you, I have to offer it to everyone and I don’t have the time to mark all that”

  8. thanks!!! legit got one tmrw 😭

  9. Based on personal experience, BOH4M is a great mark booster. It doesn’t even matter if you have a bad teacher since 99% of the curriculum is common sense. A summary of the units and course lessons can be found on the

  10. Thanks so much! That's really helpful :)

  11. Np! Props to you for taking initiative and planning to graduate early

  12. Too real. I’ve got exams this week but no motivation to study. I just wanna hibernate until the end of time

  13. So the prerequisites are english, biology and calculus, meaning that you can take 3 other 4U/4M courses of your choice to boost up your top 6 (bird courses like BOH4M, BBB4M etc).

  14. Most nursing programs don’t require calc, so one 4u math should suffice. Some programs don’t even need a 4u math and will take your 3

  15. I haven’t heard of a single program that requires calc so OP should be good!

  16. Grade 11 marks don’t matter (besides conditional offers which people shouldn’t worry about), keep up the great work! Really good improvement💪🏽

  17. Just wanted to flex that Mr. Jensen was my Advanced Functions and Calculus and Vectors teacher!! He really is the best and most helpful teacher ever when it comes to teaching math, I'm so so lucky I was in his class. Make sure to subscribe to Jensen Math everyone 🙏🙏🙏

  18. 4 summer school courses, damn! Props to you for working so hard to graduate early

  19. Unfortunately can’t give you advice for studying bio, but for your question about failing exams:

  20. will that low grade on ur transcript matter even a little to unis even if it’s not apart of top 6

  21. No bus day would be so clutch - I have a physics and chem test tomorrow

  22. Most school boards allow you take one course in July, one in August

  23. Lol I’m in grade 12 and I wish I knew about this sub in grade 11 - it would’ve been nice to know more about applying to uni ahead of time

  24. This sub is an actual godsend, it’s like a guidance counsellor and a friend group combined into one amalgamation

  25. Ah yay that’s so nice - TMU is one of my top choices too

  26. Eh I don’t find it embarrassing, if anything it just shows that you’re taking initiative in your academics

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