1. They played it live a few years back in Donnington Park, I think that's where it was. Shit was boss yo.

  2. Sure he hasn't had to say that publicly irrespective of what he wants? Of he's getting told no, he's not the type to spit his dummy out is he? I get the point, but he's working with what he's got and right now he's working with shite.

  3. I wonder if somewhere there’s data about how long the ball is actually in play over a “90 minute” match.

  4. Nothing official to back this up, but I'm sure I read somewhere an ex referee said it was about 60 to 65 minutes of actual play.

  5. Paper All lowercase Also what's the closet fire The one right outside of daughter of chaos?

  6. That probably is closer but I was thinking of the one near all the capra demons, where that one worm busts out the wall

  7. I cant Remember where that is just meet me at daughter of chaos lol

  8. Won't be able to sign at the daughter of chaos. I can put the sign right outside the boss fog instead though?

  9. You're right, we wouldn't want discussions in a comment section now would we. Thank you, though, for answering me and not doing the lmgtfy thing

  10. I mean, don't make yourself out to be a knobhead and you won't get treated like a knobhead. Knobhead.

  11. If this was to one of their players their fans would be moaning like fuck and claiming they’re being victimised but when the scouse twats are targeting players and they families it’s okay as the song goes they’re always the victims it’s never their fault. We played them in the FA Cup last season one of the shittiest sets of supporters that came to our ground didn’t hear a peep out of them until they scored in the last 10 minutes or so can’t remember exactly Best fans in England fuck off more like bunch of cunts

  12. Lad fuck off back to your porn where you know what you're chatting about.

  13. Me dad and my uncle were both at Hillsborough so I know what I’m talking about and I was at the FA Cup game last year you are the worst fans in England by far you boo the national anthem and sing where Scouse not English where is Liverpool again oh yeah in England you fucking retard

  14. Right they were there but you know what you're talking about? Pipe down and stop the shite coming out your mouth. Most of the lads I've spoke to condemn the horrible shit being sent to him, it's coming from a small percentage of knobheads but every clubs like that. No need to get your brush out and tar everyone is there?

  15. You messing? I've heard abar 4 or 5 songs off top of my head and nunez chants for a solid 30 to 40 minutes. Not sure what yous are watching.

  16. The real question is, how was work?

  17. Not good at all, I need this game to chill the fuck out. Praise it!

  18. Thought you'd had an autocorrect typo then remembered that particular boss. Sounds about right.

  19. Not really. It was one comment in a larger segment talking directly how off it we were.

  20. Exactly this, he made the comment to deflect away from how poor the players were. And it worked, coz everybody is still talking about the dry grass.

  21. This is why I never complete the bleak falls barrow quest until I’m ready to go the main quest line

  22. I just haven't completed it on my last 3/4 playthroughs. I may start a nord character and kill some dragons for a change.

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