1. 💯thanks and I got 18 x 8.5 +35 offset Wheels with 245/40R18 tires With the lowering springs 1.3 front and 1.0 in the rear lowered. Rides great honestly here is a link to the springs incase

  2. You da man :) thanks for sharing! I have no knowledge of suspension and wheel setups and I’m currently looking for wheels I can put on this upcoming summer; got myself an integra this past summer. So you were pretty much able to slap your old tires on new wheels and then lower the car with no need for an alignment etc? Also, what are your thoughts on spacers? Seen some folks on the integra forums with them and they add to the nice fitment

  3. I had the car aligned prior to doing the work, I need to get it aligned soon again, right now alignment isn’t pulling and steering wheel is straight so not too worried right now but it’s recommended to always align it when touching the suspension. For tires I went up in size it’s not the oem tire or size. Oem size is 235/40 r18 with all season tires I put summer tires for grip and they are 245/40r18 so they are wider and taller than previous tires. Spacers depends on the wheels you’re adding. With these wheels I feel like it’s pretty good the figment it lines up with the fenders so if I put spacers it will poke out and look ugly. I think if you get a 35 offset wheel you won’t need spacers

  4. Thanks for sharing man I really appreciate it. Knowledge is power! Your setup is sweet and black on black looks dope. I’m looking to do gloss black wheel on my platinum white pearl teggy. Cheers man and happy holidays!

  5. Nice! Where is this at? I’d love to find the owner and ask where he got the lip and side kits. As well as know what power mods they’ve got done 🤙

  6. What’s your suspension and wheel setup sounding like? Nice drop

  7. What about bread in the microwave? My mom always out it all there; bread, bagels, etc so our large dogs wouldn’t steal them off of the counter

  8. I think travelling and having moved a lot through my life has been the main drive for this world build, and trying to incorporate the elements from the travels into the world. That said, it’s also a lot of reading about world history and digging the internet that helps getting interesting stories and images I would say :) are you into world building yourself?

  9. There is no better inspiration than the beauty that is to be found at every corner of this planet; right on!

  10. Exactly! There are so many amazing things to discover in the world. But yeah I totally understand, it’s also a slow growing project for me, that I work on when I have time.

  11. Nice man! What is you wheel, fitment, spacers etc set up? Sitting super nicely. Trying to lower mine but don’t know what drop I want, but like yours

  12. Always loved Neva Kee’s. I would always use it in Star Wars Racer. I always thought it was cool because it didn’t have the bolt connecting the two engines

  13. Ayo cleannn! What are they and what’s your fitment and suspension setup?

  14. Just an eibach pro kit with adjustable camber arms in the rear and adjustable camber bolts up front. Wheels 18x8.5 +45 offset.

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