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  1. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say be careful. There’s been a lot of travelers and expats getting into trouble in Colombia lately. Look up Paul Nguyen. Besides that just have some sense of street smarts. Have fun!

  2. I read his story. Thanks for the concern.

  3. One of the reason for $8 check mark is to eliminate spam and fake accounts

  4. For simple scripts I just ssh and then nano with code highlight. You’d be amazed how good nano can be if you configure it properly.

  5. He doesn’t have a smile. I don’t trust him

  6. If you still want to host your database on your local machine and make flask api available from the internet all you need to do is to open port on your home router for flask app.

  7. After several playthroughs I stopped doing these matches. They’re just annoying

  8. Did it for self-education. Regression, classification, clustering and simple neural networks from scratch. Helped me a lot to understand and to remember how things work under the hood.

  9. It always interests me when socialist type policies or programs are considered problematic in Latin American countries yet you have countless European nations that have long had policies rooted in socialism and they thrive. But it’s not really to the liking of the US for their Latin American neighbors to become successful social democracies ergo anything socialist is bad. In the case of Venezuela, corruption played a huge role in their downfall.

  10. Corruption is a big one. I tend to believe that countries that don’t have wealth and economic stability simply don’t have resources to implement these programs and stay afloat. They’ll tax the rich and rich will find a way to fuck a little men. You take wealth with force and you’ll get chaos and revolution. This game is never fair.

  11. Free education already exist (it’s crappy tho), it doesn’t exist in university tho so he is trying to do that (most people in the country want more investment in education so that’s a good thing). The really bad topics are his proposal of pension (we have a mixed system, but we wants to make everybody that earns under 1000 USD a month to contribute to the public pension, and everybody above that may contribute to the private pension.. it is not clear yet what he wants and people are worried about what would happen as the private pension works by investing money in the stock exchange and others) and his proposal of land redistribution (he wants to either buy unused land from big private owners to give it to the poor farmers and/or natives or pretty much expropriate that land). The tax reform he proposed needs some changes as it would make small private companies to go broke as the quantity of taxes they would need to pay. So the future of Colombia doesn’t seems like Venezuela, but it seems like Argentina. Also, in the tax reform there are a few articles that states than anybody who earns more than 2500 USD has increment of taxes and anybody that has a net worth of about 400,000 USD will have to pay a net worth tax. Most people are okay with those proposals. But the problem is the private pension reform, a little about the healthcare reform (he wants to end pretty much the private sector, I’m worried about that), and his tax reform on the small companies.

  12. Thanks for the thorough response. I personally was excited about new president, but again all I cad do is to read articles and make some sort of conclusion. Recently I read about redistribution of land and in my experience it’s not always works the way people hope.

  13. Bayesian models. I found them counterintuitive and I always forget how basic principle works.

  14. Maybe overkill but you can use aws ec2 instance. You’ll get your private vpc which let you configure anything you want. It will require though to install all the dependencies yourself: flask, Apache/nginx, MySQL, etc.

  15. I can say without regret anime sucks comparing to the game. It’s not bad, but what game is offering is way more

  16. I did it just for fun on my rpi 4 4gb. Vscode starts a bit slow, you can literally see how the code getting highlighted from top to bottom, but then actual coding is fine. Python runs fast enough. I trained xgboost on relatively small dataset and it was pretty fast, but I would avoid doing real modeling on large data. You can work around limited RAM, but training and hyper parameters tuning would be unbearably slow.

  17. My go to is maxed out archangel with suppressor. But if I want enemies flying in the sky I use double barrel shotgun

  18. I need to buy a burner phone. I have some questions about it. Can I just buy a cheaper iPhone as a burner? And can I still use whatsapp and Uber and Instagram on it with the same username and password as my Regular phone?

  19. Short answer is you can. I would suggest installing as little apps as possible, turn on “find my phone feature”, turn on “erase data” toggle in settings->Touch ID and passcode.

  20. You don’t really need to go see him. In person all you can do is to have short dialog. Usually you just find a side quest on the map, go towards it and if it was Padres quest he will call you and explain what needs to be done. That’s it. The same goes for other fixers.

  21. Awesome. I’ll reach out when I’ll be in Medellin

  22. Cool. I’ll reach out in October if you still up

  23. I’ve never laughed at the Kevin Hart jokes.

  24. After playing for hundreds of hours I still don’t understand where am I without a map. I’d be driving around my apartment without realizing it.

  25. Second one is a bit cleaner and also squishing all nodes to a single string is not very useful. If I really needed to put things in one string (ex: hundreds of socket packets) I would use bytearray because it’s much much faster

  26. Not sure if this happens to any other games but I think CP community is very strong. I personally enjoy following any breadcrumbs of any news regarding updates and future dlc. And being this underdog masterpiece makes me like it even more.

  27. Doesn’t it blow your mind guys that you can buy a computer that runs Linux for $15? I still can’t get over it. Yea yeah I know it’s impossible to buy them now.

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