1. My film of the year since I saw it in January and nothing has knocked it off yet.

  2. Why would you assume they were lying? Do you think the 1600 people that were polled all got together and planned this?

  3. Irishman brought up in the UK here (and therefore lumbered with a Brit accent):

  4. Doesn’t change the fact that he wears the glove because of a medical condition and that is not a valid reason to give him shit. Say what you will about any other personality traits etc. of his, but leave the glove alone.

  5. I don't really care for the guy or his videos but attacking him for a medical condition seems pretty sad and unpleasant. He even made a video about it showing how his condition affects his hand stability.

  6. I have always assumed that it is simply a tone joke. He shifts from casual, almost ironically boring comments about the weather and other banalities to the business of paying to come on a combative TV show. But you could be right, it may be a Japanese letter communication style.

  7. I initially thought the same, but then worried that it might be my own cultural illiteracy. (I mean, I used to find haikus funny for much the same reason, i.e., I'm an ignorant moron.)

  8. Haha! It does make me laugh every time so I just thought it was silly and funny.

  9. The Master is the only worthy movie from 2012 by a mile.

  10. Criticising people with less mainstream tastes and pigeon-holing them as 'pretentious film snobs.'

  11. I am moving to the area soon and would also like to know about lessons.

  12. Clive Owen, Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Mark Wahlberg, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer.............

  13. Overhead cameras for quick replacement of balls should have been standardised 20-years ago.

  14. Just out of interest - how DO you access and watch older episodes? I am a late-comer to this show and really wish they were archived on iPlayer.

  15. There are lots on YouTube- Wheelsongenius has lots on their channel.

  16. just wanted to check in months after the fact, I have discover "other" ways and I've watched a ton of movies I wouldn't have otherwise had

  17. Sounds like you have subjected yourself to a torrent of films.

  18. So I can hear fat cunts stuff their faces in the first half as well as the second half?

  19. All That Heaven Allows & Far from Heaven (saturated colour and forbidden love)

  20. Agreed. Anytime I follow someone, I go through and like a couple of reviews of films that I’ve also reviewed, to show that I’ve actually looked at their profile. And if someone follows me without doing that, I’ll very rarely follow back.

  21. I think people want to have Sean Baker's ratio but without any of the hard work haha!

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