1. And this trajectory, we will be fighting for a wild card spot

  2. we’re easily going to win our division lmao

  3. i have valdes-scantling in my franchise, and dudes an absolute beast. superstar development at 30.

  4. The link is now up in the post!

  5. i just play the moments of each game. keeps the game close and entertaining

  6. lower the injury slider 55 is wayyyy to high

  7. I plan on lowering it I’ve been messing around with it though lately because I want more injuries so I actually care about depth. I kept raising it because nobody but OL are getting hurt

  8. yeah i have mine set to 5 because every game i would have a stupid injury. now i get one like every 3-5 games. it’s all personally preference though but i would definitely try lowering it to see if that helps.

  9. he reached star at the end of the season so i resigned him

  10. I use Matt10s sliders with a little adjustments to user qb accuracy and cpu pass coverage. I feel they work pretty well with having a lot of close games.

  11. what are your sliders for qb accuracy and pass coverage?

  12. I'd have to check to make sure, but I bumped the qb accuracy up to 45 from 42. Felt like my qb was missing too many wide open passes when standing still. It still happens, but it's a more realistic amount. The pass coverage I dropped from 20 to 15. At 20 I felt like none of my recievers ever got separation even when their skill levels are way higher. The rest of his sliders work well for me. I guess it depends more on your own skill level too though. I never been great at passing lol.

  13. you can also try removing people on your friends list. that might cause crashing as well

  14. Thanks drivers are good so I'll try that I also emailed Activision so hopefully something

  15. same thing has been happening to me. i’m also on ps4

  16. It works when it feels like it, right? The past few days have been nuts. My aim works for a game or 2, and then from then on I literally can’t hit people. It feels like the harder I aim at them the more it pushes my aim of target

  17. i’ve felt it a few times, but ever since season 2 started it’s completely gone for me

  18. Spain was good early in the year but slowed down- and was the guy who couldn't block Donald for half a second on that 4th down

  19. you have a point, but i mean it is aaron donald. cant really stop him forever.

  20. trey hopkins and quinton spain are both pretty good though

  21. if you look up matt10 sliders there’s all-pro and all-madden sliders. i believe there’s settings on there too but i’m not quite sure

  22. unfortunately you can’t resize it. in my franchise i’m currently playing i relocated 20 of the teams. 20 is the max you can do and that also includes st. louis and i believe oakland which don’t have uniform or name options.

  23. dude this is over the top good. great job!

  24. surprisingly enough in my franchise Reagor leads the league in yards as of week 13. really don’t know how but it’s pretty cool.

  25. Depends on the game in 21, and 20 customs Reagor and Hurts tend to become ridiculously disgusting when I end up using them.

  26. it’s 22 and i did a fantasy draft so he has Herbert throwing to him. theyre 11-1 right now.

  27. Yo why the shotguns suck? Grinding double xp and the thing is literally hit or miss. Doesn’t matter if I’m close.

  28. hardcore is your friend with shotguns

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