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When laughter meets percussion

  1. Just be up front with it when you talk to a recruiter, you can always get a waiver. I have an arrest for burglary on my record and got a waiver for it.

  2. Mushy peas are delicious though. I would unironically take them over guacamole if I had to choose.

  3. Ok, you're entitled to your opinion but you're objectively wrong there bud.

  4. You're uh, you're kinda retarded aren't you.

  5. Buy a catback or axelback exhaust. Maybe an intake if it's quality.

  6. I think it’s a matter of building customers. Like Harbor Freight used to have some of the cheapest tools around and had 20% off coupons constantly. Now those coupons are no longer available and they make some quality pieces.

  7. They release 15-25% off coupons pretty frequently, what are you on about?

  8. My first thought was "Steve harvey?!" But then remembered weinstein existed...

  9. Steve Harvey is a piece of shit too, just not as big of one.

  10. So I used to be a golf cart tech, we'd take 1/2 inch square stock, cut it to length, usually around 45 inches and just through bolt it with 5/16th hardware.

  11. You through bolt it. Drill holes through the square stock and drill holes through the roof supports. Run a bolt through.

  12. Funny enough I traded my STI in shortly before coming across this series. It was conservatively tuned but I had zero faith in the EJ staying together long term, and also needed a truck to tow my drift car. Thought I'd regret it, but after watching some of these I'm very sound in my decision.

  13. I mean, the 7m was because they had to switch headgasket material after asbestos was banned. Slap a MLS gasket in and it's solid.

  14. Slap a turbo on that bitch and you've got a more functional 959.

  15. Lol, overpriced and underperformed. You paid for a label.

  16. Yo same. I got it for like $40 from an old job lol, it was just sittin around in a store room so I asked if I could buy it.

  17. Bad, but for free? Shit I'd still take it.

  18. You'll have to look it up, try and find a factory service manual and/or a youtube video about it.

  19. As an iPhone user… there’s not? That’s fucking insane in this day and age

  20. Yeah, but you can always just download one. Or listen to your songs through your file manager.

  21. Those are bullshit though. When I bought my Moto G4, they had a music playing app without ads. Then they forced me to use Google Music, then rolled it into YouTube Music, then forced me to pay a subscription to use it.

  22. Blackplayer? I don't think I've ever seen an ad lol.

  23. With about 10 more $150 gift cards lol.

  24. Affordable and golf cart tires don't really go together. It's actually retarded how expensive they are. Either way it will be more economical to keep your wheels and get new tires

  25. Cornering? Where we're going we won't need cornering.

  26. Fr, I don’t want a pc for multiple reasons, primarily being cost but Nothing will ever render. Massive lakes just won’t appear until I’m right by them so it just looks like a giant crater from a distance

  27. Now I'm curious, beside cost what other reasons do you have for avoiding PC?

  28. I was told this once, and it kept me on consoles (also poor lol)

  29. All games are built on PC lmao. And you're literally talking out of your ass lol, MnK is 1000 more "refined" than any controller could ever be.

  30. On the second claim, there were additional JFK assassination docs released this week that revealed a few further details about the CIA hiring Oswald for some LSD experiment a decade before he shot kennedy. Interesting footnote to history, but no evidence he was still in contact with the CIA around the time of the assassination, and even the LSD tale is a bit sketch.

  31. Nah, you need to look up MK Ultra, project bluebird, project artichoke, and MK Naomi. The Cia was doing crazy shit, God knows what they get up to today.

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