Brits vs Ants

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Girls want guys to leave over police sticker

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Armed Antifa protects drag brunch in Texas

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  1. One of the minor differences between men and women is interest in things vs interest in people. As people have more opportunity to pick what they want to do, interest plays an increasingly larger role. You have to be extremely interested in people to choose to go into psychology, and since even tiny differences at the mean become very large at the extreme ends of overlapping normal distributions, far more women are choosing to go into psychology than men

  2. How do you explain then the rapid change between 1980 and 1990?

  3. 46% women to 57% women? That’s not out of line with the size of the other jumps in percentages of men vs women

  4. "nooooo we have to ban guns because school shootings and stuff think of the children!!!"

  5. Attributing other beliefs to pro choice people as a group isn’t helpful. If you are speaking with an individual who you know holds those beliefs, then this argument is appropriate

  6. I don’t believe that life begins immediately at conception.

  7. That’s anti science. You can say you dont think personhood begins immediately at conception but it is factually incorrect to say life does not begin at conception

  8. I just asked my gf if she knew who each one is

  9. beans on toast goes in the ants column too

  10. Inclusion is the other way around, ants are the subset of British people who can lift 5000x their body weight

  11. Everybody gets their favourite food for dinner 🥳 .

  12. People gotta realise tier lists are supposed to approximate bell curves, c tier doesn’t mean a bad song, it means slightly below that artists average. 50% of posts songs are below his average.

  13. Oh, you must be new here. Hello, meet me, a 30 something-year-old multiple rape survivor who has tried and failed to get justice. Yes, I want all rapist to be sent to jail and or castrated and or executed. Forcing women to report when they have been sexually traumatized is not the way to accomplish this, and I speak from a hefty fucking dose of experience.

  14. I don’t think we’re gonna have a productive conversation about this due to the setting (online not face to face) combined with the complexity combined with how close to home it is. I’m really sorry to hear that you had to go through those experiences and hope you’re doing as well as you can

  15. A multi-cultural safe space is (or ought to be) a place where students of all cultures can go and not see negative political or racist propaganda or slogans. Police matter is a poorly masked anti-BLM propaganda slogan, no? The girl is right to be upset, but she seems to be expressing her discomfort for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, it's statements like "you are not a culture" that encourage dim minded folks to take up anti-BLM slogans.

  16. Isn’t negative political propaganda a matter of opinion to some degree? Presumably to that guy saying police matter is not a negative slogan

  17. Lonely sunset lonely sunrise, wish that I was looking in your eyes-PRINCESS

  18. When he says “religious liberties” is he saying churches should not be forced to marry same sex couples or something else?

  19. What annoys me is how all these latter day fans (most of his fans are "latter day", post-right-wing-media-boom bandwagoners) pretend to have been early fans of his all along and then try talking about his early stuff and how people misinterpret him since his early stuff sounds more neutral/academic.

  20. Wait you just made a weird jump from psychology to philosophy. Peterson has certainly never been a great source of info for philosophy, but he’s quite the expert in psychology.

  21. He talks a lot about philosophy now

  22. Sure, in which field he doesn’t know a huge amount and so it’s just “dumbed down pop philosophy” but that’s not the case with psychology

  23. I would ask them what species a fetus is. Because so far every organism belongs to a species. So are we supposed to believe a fetus is the only one that doesn't?

  24. I’m pretty sure a nervous system starts developing before you would call the unborn a fetus, I think it’s still an embryo

  25. Ehm pregnancy definitely threatens health or wellbeing, but whether or not lethal force is proportionate to the threat in most cases is a different story

  26. On average men are a little bit more aggressive and violent, but it’s not that dissimilar. But small differences at the mean become major differences at the extreme (with things that are normally distributed anyway) and so the overwhelming majority of very violent and aggressive people are men

  27. High school has hardly underrated, it gets tonnes of praise

  28. To be fair I’m not seeing many if any people in the comments section complaining that they have guns

  29. He was a threat and the two who died are heroes that prevented a mass casualty event.

  30. The first person he killed was a convicted pedophile who charged Kyle and was shot while lunging for Kyles weapon, after telling Kyle earlier that evening that if he caught him alone hed kill him.

  31. If you can do the mental gymnastics to believe this kid isnt simply a murderer then we are on different planets. I dont have an issue with guns, i think rittenhouse, and the way the judicial system treated him, is exhibit A in why rational people need to be trained in firearms in this society. If either of the two victims had a firearm and ended the massacre immediately then one less life would be lost and the instigator would be the only casualty.

  32. Biology is fairly clear on this. A unique living human life comes into existence at the moment of conception. This isn’t even a point of contention amongst educated pro choicers, they argue instead that it is a human but not a person, or that bodily autonomy of the mother guarantees her the right to an abortion

  33. So... you're saying male/male homosexuality is perfectly legal in those places so long as sodomy isn't practiced?

  34. I think so yeah, but you’re not exactly gonna be supported for coming out

  35. I believe there’s another song of his to that sample, (selfish I think) that I like even more

  36. Is this not referring to university courses that don’t do much to increase your expected income? Like “don’t take out crazy expensive college loans to get a degree that won’t allow you to pay it back”.

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