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  1. The less a man declares as statements the less apt he is to define his self in retrospect.

  2. It’s kind of weird. This post showing up the same day I get an email saying my subscription is going up. Will finish watching Stranger things. Then I’m out.

  3. Sweating like a pig because pigs don’t have sweat glands…

  4. I tell people I slept like a baby and follow up with I woke up crying and I pooped my pants.

  5. Ik I'm not one in a million here but I enjoy the fact that I can "mispronounce" Butte as butt and sort of get away with it. Also love that place

  6. Cram some toothpicks in the worn out holes and cut them flush with the 2”x4”. Then put the screws back in.

  7. Has anyone had much success with an electric fleet? My experience with them was that it was over promised and under delivered. Pump rates were less than promised, reliability was a big issue.

  8. I put a crosslinked gel sample with sand in it on a fann viscometer


  10. Hot water will clean it up. Next time get a clean jar and put the bacon grease in it. Use the grease to cook with adds delicious bacon flavor to what ever you want. Or you could let the grease cool in the pan and harden then scrape into the trash can. Good luck.

  11. I’ve used the same recipe for Mulligatawny. It’s now one of my families favorites. I use my own stock. So yummy.

  12. That's not fracking, that's just run of the mill drilling.

  13. In a skid your wheels are sliding. Let off the accelerator and Shift the vehicle into neutral your wheels will start spinning and you will regain traction.

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