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  1. I didn’t even know these existed these would be some nice clean shoes for work or going out when sneaks aren’t the best option!

  2. I just got the same bed and my sisters frenchie is named Finley 😂 small world

  3. Keep it up good for you brother will feel great!

  4. He’s mentioned many times that he’s well off and when listeners ask him how else to support the show like a patreon or something like that he doesn’t want to do that but then the whole listen to the ad nonsense is contradictory. I don’t think there’s any shame in putting up a patreon or something like that I’d much rather throw money into Chris himself for his work than buy something I don’t want or need from the ads.

  5. I’ll never understand why people care what celebrities or music artists do in their personal life. You have no idea who the fuck these people are. You can love what they give to the world in terms of their talent and not whoever they are cause no one knows. MJ is still extremely popular…

  6. Got one yesterday didn’t run after first shot but vamoosed on second :(

  7. What neighborhood is this looks mad futuristic

  8. If the shoe is that big…imagine what else is 😳🥵

  9. I think so, all depends on the right buyer but I’m sure there is a market for samples even if then later release. Pretty cool imo

  10. Solid colors, nothing bright to make shoe pop

  11. I take agmatine sulfate. that shit is amazing. so much energy, basically eliminated my depression. best supplement I've ever used.

  12. Not a fan of many shoes with shorts but these don’t look too bad. I’d lose the adidas socks though lol

  13. That's not my address.. that's address

  14. When your dad see’s your foam runners and goes out to get his own pair. “Am I cool like you now son?”

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