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  1. I shrimp out of bed, have for years. I don’t take the covers off, I shrimp out from underneath them.

  2. So at bed time do you just reverse shrimp back under the covers and never have to make your bed again?

  3. I don’t care what anyone says, peeing in the woods is never wrong and never will be.

  4. Might be a weird take but Cod WWII has one of the best campaigns ever

  5. The only campaign I truly enjoyed and not just wanted to get through.

  6. I’ve been downvoted and berated for saying so before in this sub. “I would never play noodle”. Bro you couldn’t tell the difference it there was no logo.

  7. Sometimes yes sometimes no. If I feel like a beer I have one. This is the way.

  8. Been training since 2005. Same. The good news is, you remember it after learning it a few times and seeing it happen during rolls and then learning it again and adding details to make it work. In other words, there’s a reason good coaches circle back to things they have taught in the past. Or review it again the next class.

  9. Watch Mike Bender on instagram. It’s something he teaches consistently and has shaped my iron game.

  10. Thankyou for sharing this, it gives perspective. I applied it to my spinal injury (I walk with a limp and sometimes use a stick) and I realised, will I still have a limp in 10 years? Yes Will it matter? No.

  11. No but you made me consider someone confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their life… they could tell me to shove my stupid philosophy up my ass. Then again it’s more of a philosophy for things that seem like a BFD but really aren’t.

  12. There’s no need for heat yet if you just put on some layers

  13. People get so evangelical about whatever their hobbies are, I've never understood it.

  14. How has “it’s” replaced “there’s” and everyone’s ok with it?

  15. Finders Keepers was my favorite of the three and would have been better without Hodges and co imo.

  16. This happened to me and I thought it was a gas leak, like most top comments are saying here. We have a shower and toilet and sink in the basement that never get used… Fire department came out, checked all areas for gas leaks, and then said to run the water in the shower and sink at least once a month because it was sewer gas due to the water evaporating out of the P-trap under the sink and shower. Ran the water, and all was well.

  17. his footsweeps are so effortless. how good is his ground game?

  18. Should also mention he is a bjj black belt under Formiga. That way they message doesn’t come off as, sambo guy toys with bjj guy. Lol.

  19. Well i would expect "world champion" of just about any grappling art to toy with even BJJ black belts. World champion is so many "next levels" above us mere humans it's hard to fathom.

  20. I’m not sure about this one, but I can’t part with my Nike Sasquatch ❤️

  21. I don’t understand? Edit, now I get it, took me a second. Yes it’s loud lol.

  22. For real? I had people telling me that there were major spoilers from the entire Bill Hodges trilogy in The Outsider, i was sad to let this book for later. Im glad to know that its spoilers free, specially from Mr Mercedes.

  23. There are absolutely spoilers in The Outsider for the Mercedes trilogy. You find out about a certain character being dead, for example, that you shouldn’t know going into the trilogy.

  24. Salems lot is kinda a slow burn. Mr Mercedes is tense the whole time. That was my vote. Out of this list, Duma Key is my favorite but a longer setup compared to Mr Mercedes. Outsider has major spoilers, yes.

  25. Got paired with a random who wanted to talk politics and tell us how much he hated his rich sister the whole time.

  26. The book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible is really interesting. It pretty much talks about this entire concept of “nothing new under the Sun.” Nothing is new, everything has happened before, the same events and circumstances happen again and again, and everything is vain and meaningless because of it. I would say it’s an interesting read even if you aren’t a Christian (obviously, you wouldn’t agree with everything in it, but it’s still at least a bit thought provoking, I’d say)

  27. Yuri sucks, all he does is stall. Yuri if you’re reading this, just know that all your matches are super boring.

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