1. I feel like NorthFace gets slammed here a lot and just had to share this. I’ve worn this jacket for 10 years now and it’s the warmest winter jacket I’ve ever owned. It does show a bit of wear at the wrist area and the Velcro’s straps are slightly worn out now. I’ve since upgraded jackets and bought an Arc’teryx Thorsen parka and also own a Patagonia Barn coat that I layer with. Although they’re fancier than this jacket they don’t come close in terms of warmth. It’s actually so hot that I don’t even bring it out until the weather hits -15C anymore. Today I wore it in -23C with a feels like of -30C after the windchill and I only wore a long sleeve shirt underneath.

  2. I got one from 2010. I’ll be wearing it on a camping trip in negative wind chill temps this weekend. It’s held up so well and shows no signs of slowing down.

  3. Yup. I’m headed out in a couple of weeks. First winter camping in northern Michigan. Really looking forward to it.

  4. I've seen him accused here of being a Gender Essentialist, which I don't think is quite fair. There's a portion of men this sub will never capture, and Brett certainly stands a chance of getting them before they fall to the Tates of the world.

  5. I don’t know he’s always seemed like a stand up guy to me. I don’t follow everything he does such as church and things of that nature but I think his overall message is in the right place.

  6. Didn't mean to imply that he isn't! I just know he's not as much as a feminist as the userbase here would like. I mean, there aren't any mentions, let alone articles, about transmascs on AoM. Which, again, idc about, but that matters a lot to some people.

  7. Oh I wasn’t arguing! I was mostly just agreeing with you. I always thought it was cool that his wife is listed as a co-author on a lot of the articles. I’m not sure what that looks like in practice but I always notice it.

  8. I love Blackthorn. Their fish is legit too.

  9. Yes. La Banderita has 10 inch burrito size tortillas that are 80 calories. They’re not super flavorful, but they also don’t taste bad. And they have a good texture. Great option when you want a low cal/low carb burrito.

  10. La Banderita is the only brand I buy regardless of which style of tortilla I’m getting.

  11. Wolverine State Brewing in Ann Arbor, MI. Nice mix of dark and malty lagers in there too, way more than just pilsners.

  12. Scrolled to find them here. Great food too.

  13. I'm not sure how you feel about kale, but

  14. I use his food lab Caesar dressing and it’s great. I think this recipe is in there too.

  15. Good especially after Draymond was crying like a bitch, fucking pathetic baby lol all over nothing ffs

  16. I went from 75 to 90 and still left that job after a handful of years. Middle management is never worth the headache.

  17. Knowing what I made as a clinic director, you could get close to that dollar figure in upper management of a private PT practice (ATI, Athletico, etc.). Although at that point you’re not really a PT anymore. Also, those people always seem miserable as hell and tend to burnout just as fast, if not faster.

  18. I agree with you too a point. One of the reasons Americans don’t like to watch soccer is because they have no clue about the strategy side of the game. That analysis that you say nobody wants to hear is actually what they do want to hear. Running a stunt to sack a QB isn’t lost on most football fans.

  19. As a fairly new fan of the sport and someone who never played, I want the strategy part. I have no idea where to find that discussion.

  20. Local to where? All breweries are local to somewhere.

  21. They are probably outliers. I love my family but they are dumbasses who actually think Jets is better than Buddy’s.

  22. Jets is low key garbage for the price.

  23. They really have been increasing the number of bourbons they carry around me. Really my go to for standard stuff.

  24. I use all 3. I read an ebook on the treadmill, read a print book around the house and listen to audiobooks in the car. There’s a place for all 3 for me. I only buy physical books as I don’t see the value of ownership in the other two formats.

  25. West coast superiority strikes again. BT is everywhere for $30 here

  26. $26.99 at my grocery store in Michigan.

  27. It’s so nice to see some bottles on here that I actually have.

  28. Found it at a small liquor store in Maryland for $59.99!

  29. That’s not an awesome deal. That’s a store selling the bottle at MSRP as they should.

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