1. When I was a teacher assistant the kids called me Mr A because I had a difficult last name. Well one 7 year old kid called me Mr Pineapple, which at first I thought he was an idiot but then I realised as he was from a different country, pineapple to him is anana's with an A, and it started to teach me to not judge everyone the same, not to judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, you know. Like what I thought made this kid dumb was actually him being smart in a different perspective.

  2. You still can, you just have to be comfortable with stealing.

  3. Afterwards i rinse my arm in a bucket and drink the bloodied water this way i recover any minerals lost! Work smart not harder :)

  4. I personally rinse my arm with lemon juice for the flavouring

  5. Have these people heard of brooms and dust pans?

  6. Well? How many fucking lasers pointers do we NEED SCOTT????

  7. I’m more mad that they subtly changed the slogan from “there’s a glass and a half in every one” to “there’s a glass and a half in everyone”.

  8. And what the hell does is it even mean anyways. I've got a glass and a half of milk inside me? Or do I have a glass and a half of chocolate? Goodness? Fucks to give about shitty advertising? It makes no fucking sense.

  9. Hating pizza on pineapple is like eating ass, or making eating bacon a personality trait - people do it cos the internet told them to

  10. In our supermarket there’s a pizza with chicken, spinach and corn. It’s a dastardly culinary sun but it’s delicious.

  11. I don't mind pizza's if they're delicious. Like who the hell would put apple and lamb on a pizza? It's delicious though but still. I just get annoyed when people are unable to entertain the idea that pineapple can go on a pizza, but then they'll have ridiculous ingredients on their pizza like broccoli.

  12. I like to imagine that Cam's dad was an impoverished immigrant and victim of multiple abuses, but who none the less worked hard his whole life to become very wealthy. That he gives more than a tithe to multiple honorable charities anonymously because he doesn't want or need the attention, he just wants to help others live a better life.

  13. Or that her name in the movie is Abuela not Abella.

  14. I have associative chromesthesia:

  15. And here I am with afantasia unable to picture boobs or have a spank bank memory folder.

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