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  1. Meh, not so much. I know it's a "grass is always greener" type deal probably, but as a lifelong American, I don't like it here. Not that I know of anywhere that's necessarily better lol but at least somewhere else would be different

  2. Yeah, considering the fact that I am indeed post breakup, part of the issue, I think I'll go with this option for right now.

  3. That's the thing that gets me. A lot of people seem to think that overnight the world's ills will be magically cured once it happens. I'm like, so an AI solves fusion or something, it's still going to take years to build it. Medicine, still requires testing(though I guess they could simulate 1000s of test subjects). Etc.

  4. I think it's more of a "relatively" overnight deal. An advent of AGI would significantly decrease the time needed to find solutions to any number of problems

  5. Damn. Seems like you guys are ah ..fairly judgmental about a pretty trivial thing. From the U.S. here, and I was trying to keep my hopes up that there would be less of this kind of stuff outside of it. Seems just as easy to me to ignore what isn't my business, and if I really don't like something I'll put my own headphones in. Seems weird, getting uppity over music.

  6. Make sure your status is marked as Online.

  7. Ayyyyy good looking out, I will definitely start doing this

  8. I have two! I would have traded for something lol I'm not picky

  9. I would always like another for future trade fodder, if interested. IGN: SpecialEdward

  10. Hi, dog handler here to tell you that barking dogs absolutely DO bite. Hard, and often. What a strange idiom lol

  11. So what's the point in hoarding cards? Like...why have seven Nazcas or what have you?

  12. I hope i didn't miss it! But honestly I just wanted to say hello and that Ms. Marvel is freaking dope! Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

  13. I managed to have Atheris become queen while also being nice, I think the deciding factor was being nice to him up until the interactions with the king, because Atheris was queen and Richard wants to my MC to leave with him

  14. I've built in Cove Tree, and in Blood Kelp for the vibes, I put a base in the mountains for the challenge, and one near mushroom forest north for the resources

  15. What? I used to work for the company lol wtf are you talking about?

  16. Yeah lol a whole bunch of stoners, maybe, but a damn good group of people. Literally nothing culty about it, so I'm confused as to where this came from

  17. The FBI prank was very fake, you dont just get out of jail after 9 months and continue to do the thing you were arrested for without consequences, if you have any lawyer friends they’ll tell you the million things wrong with that video

  18. Prank calling idiots and racists is a LOT different than prank calling an active FBI agents Agency phone while he's on duty. You can absolutely be let go for that and continue to prank call assholes that aren't law enforcement on the job

  19. Yeah, for some reason feeld is very dry in my area, everything else is poppin, but not that one

  20. Lmao i appreciate the jokes, and after a day, it's not so serious. Though I'm not opposed to a LDR either

  21. Si y no, es un avatar personalizado basado en el arte de Hollow knight

  22. Following as a professional dog handler looking for places to apply lol

  23. Mumble rap. I'm sad that people singing like they're both drunk and having a stroke is popular somehow.

  24. Since moving here a year ago I have actually seen a lot (maybe 5 instances) of strange floating lights and/or streaks of light. I just attributed it to military testing and/or meteors. With so many military bases in this state I just assumed seeing strange lights and stuff was normal. I mean shit when I lived in fountain, I took my dog out late one night then one of the helicopters slowed down and shined a spotlight at me for a second or two then hauled ass to Ft Carson.. Nothing really surprises me anymore.

  25. Craziest thing I saw here was a few years back. I was sitting outside at three am because insomnia, and I suddenly heard the sound of multiple helicopters. Not uncommon, but definitely a weird time, so I look up and see this super bright spotlight moving towards me. The helicopter sound is getting louder so I think "wow, that's a low chopper, wtf". The light then sweeps over me super quickly and continues on.....followed by a fleet of helicopter flying ridiculously fast. The light was NOT a helicopter, it was super low, and SILENT. No whine, hum, drone, nothing, just a huge bright light flying directly over me, close enough to make me see spots.

  26. You spelled "Meth" wrong. "I was sitting outside at 3am because Meth."

  27. If only the reason was something I could control like that lol alas, it's just shitty brain chemistry. It's cool though, streaming made insomnia much more bearable.

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