1. Julie from SJDS. Production knew going in she was a high quit risk but they had her on just so they could cast... John Rocker.

  2. Wow. My guess is he gets treated for a head injury at the marooning and is cleared to stay in the game under the medic’s close watch and then they check on him later and he has more concussion symptoms and they pull him still on day 1

  3. That's a really good explanation for why

  4. I think you need to consider day 39 with a bit more weight in your consideration. There's people who won by a single vote in the S tier which were incredibly close to losing.

  5. Big Brother plays up archetypes to the max so I'll try and explain where everyone fits, this might also be more of a realistic cast vs a dream cast.

  6. They made it so much more complicated to do everything

  7. It's the big gym building next to the Liacouras Center on the other side of broad street, I'm assuming it's on the Pearson side on the 1st floor given the room number

  8. Don't worry about it, People are gonna add/drop that class anyways for the first 2 weeks, so you won't need it immediately.

  9. To anyone ever looking to get cast on the show

  10. I like 1 per tribe plus 1 merge idol, given that they don't come back when they're used

  11. I never looked into this before but I couldn't find anything on it, either whatever he said the first time might have been too harsh, or he just refused to say anything until the morning.

  12. It would be better looked upon by hard-core fans of the show that come on the sub for sure, but for tv value and from a casual standpoint EoE is a really good season if you're looking for just entertainment

  13. I'd say from the start but genuinely if the older seasons don't work for you, there's no shame in skipping to maybe Vanuatu and starting from there

  14. She got put in the Brenda spot with the family reward where no matter what she decides it worsens your position in the game and it's a super unfortunate spot to be in

  15. Someone usually posts at least the torch listing every day on here

  16. My rankings would be 20s 40s so far 1-9 10s 30s

  17. And that 20 person cast was shaved down to 18 on the first challenge -- right. Like last to accomplish some task and they were gone? Not sure.

  18. Kinda? In Palau after the initial challenge to award team captains there was a Schoolyard pick and the last 2 were out. Then in Blood v Water they literally voted out someone on the welcome mats, albeit after the day 0 outpost.

  19. Edgic isn't built for a modern edit anymore, but since next season is spoiled they'll get it right

  20. Is it confirmed that it's been spoiled?

  21. It's never actually confirmed until you see the episodes play out but there's a pretty good consensus of what's gonna happen

  22. Interesting how Philippines was the last season to use the original voting music and was also in the last cycle of seasons to have the rites of passage

  23. It might not be a meeting but Brian in Thailand was fuming at the video his wife made.

  24. How in the world is Justine's torch going for so much

  25. Could just be that her name is common? (If the names are on the torches)

  26. I get that, but then names like Owen and James would be selling for more

  27. Don't wanna be that guy but you're talking about bbcan 9

  28. I don't blame you for putting that not even half season out of memory lol

  29. This is the show that casted John Rocker

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