1. I take cellcept for about a year now, and it honestly helped me so much. I had stage 4 lupus nephritis and once I started taking cellcept my labs and symptoms improved fairly quick. For hair loss it did help with it considering the disease itself can cause hair loss as well. The only negative side affect i’ve had was nausea so I had to switch brands and since then I haven’t had a side effect.

  2. I’m so happy for you! I saw your post about covid, how are you doing? I’m hoping you’re better 🙏 did you need to stop the cellcept while recovering?

  3. I’m doing great thank you! I kept taking cellcept throughout having covid and throughout other colds or viruses i’ve had and luckily it didn’t make anything too bad. It does help keep lupus symptoms calm for me at least but it makes recovery take longer since it calms your immune system

  4. Did it start in winter? Could it be that you have raynauds symptoms?

  5. It started before the weather started changing for winter, so when it was still pretty warm out. I do have raynauds though so it’s possible I just didn’t think it lasts for that length of time.

  6. i mean, if you are going to give a player a yellow card for taking off his jersey, then you can give a yellow card for dancing for 5 mins.

  7. they didn’t dance for 5 minutes first of all, and they’ve always danced as a celebration because it’s what Brazilians do it’s part of their culture, just like how any other player has a certain celebration theirs is a little dance

  8. It's fastest growing among USA sports fans. I'm sure the sites you googled up real quick for that uses viewership as its main evidence and not the fact that pretty much every other sports league here offers an absurd amount of money when comparing the average salary. Here's the avg from 2020

  9. It has a growing player rate, playing a sport doesn’t always have to mean going professional, people take interest as fans and start to play the sport for fun or an extra curricular just like they do with basketball, American football and baseball

  10. None of that is actually a counterpoint to my argument; our best athletes are not going to fucking soccer of all sports. Maybe this is a cultural thing, where you flat out refuse to believe that soccer, the most popular sport in the world, just doesn't appeal to Americans the way basketball does, or american football, or hockey, or track and field.

  11. Your argument was the complete opposite thing of what I said? I never said the sport appealed to Americans like basketball or American football appeals to them. I also never said your best athletes would go to play a different sport because it’s obvious that they wouldn’t do good because that’s not their strong suit

  12. We ended up ordering an pulse oximeter in a fitness watch. I was able to track my O2 and heart through covid. That being said I wish I HAD been checked out. I only had been checked out after the fact. I should have gone to hospital. I am STILL off work and its been over a month will likely be 6 weeks recovery or longer.

  13. I thought i was going crazy when my tongue started to hurt because I’ve never heard anyone say they experienced that before, I just keep hydrated and it’s starting to improve as well as the throat pain.

  14. My work answer (retail. actually damaged my spine, we discovered) had always been "my DNA doesn't care about age!" But not like shoving it into their face kinda light-hearted ish if it's a customer or whoever. I looked up Lupus and it said certain types can be linked to some genes, so you might not be lying exactly? Same with RA. I have OA in both sides of the family lol cursed genes!

  15. Yes, I work in retail and i’m starting to feel like it’s damaging my knees or something like that, it’s a super big store so i’m walking around a lot and my knees are feeling like they’re about to give out. My grandmother has it as well along with far more problems it sucks how illnesses can be passed down.

  16. Your pain is valid. Just cause someone has it worse, doesn’t mean that you’re not suffering. Never compare your pain to others.

  17. I’ve had weight loss issues lately as well that my doctors are starting to worry about. I do know some medications can cause weight loss including hydroxychloroquine, and the lupus itself can also cause weight changes.

  18. I’m sorry to hear that. This disease makes me feel like a chemistry set.

  19. Im sorry to hear you’re going through that pain and the worry of the nephritis being back, I know how it feels, my protein levels started going up after I got labs done the other day. It’s a horrible thing to think about having all over again, hoping you get good results on your labs and everything eases!

  20. she didn’t even swallow anything 💀

  21. Garlic and red meat, i don’t care if it’ll make me feel miserable or give me a higher chance of a heart attack I can’t give it up, especially burgers and garlic bread.

  22. Yet she’s always in the sun and that can trigger flares, organ damage, rashes, etc. Confusing.

  23. Not much help but all your symptoms sum up my mine exactly except I have no hallucinations plus a few things you don't have like painful dry eyes and mouth, cramping calf muscles that last for weeks. I discussed them all my rheumatologist and she put it all down to Lupus.

  24. painful dry eyes sucks, i’ve had that too a few times now the inner corners of my eyes are just always a bit swollen for some reason.

  25. Why is her dressing hanging off that’s so dangerous and stupid

  26. idk if i was seeing things but in a lot of her videos it looks like it’s peeling and just messy all together, seems like she doesn’t care that it’s dangerous

  27. I have your solution because I am also like you! Take your meds with a spoonful of yogurt!

  28. I will definitely have to try that! I remember now I used to do that when I was little and it always helped.

  29. Yes, i have this almost everyday but nighttime is the worst for it

  30. i get it almost every night and wake up with it completely gone, when i’m warm it’s just a light shade that’s barely noticeable but when i’m cold it’s dark pink and looks like i got a bad sunburn across my face

  31. Lots of things can trigger it without even knowing it seems

  32. Reading these comments and seeing most people didn’t feel pain and “feeling fine is a common symptom” is shocking to me tbh. I always thought you’d atleast feel something having involvement with any organs since they do so much. And i’ve never read that while doing research on it, looks like you learn something new everyday! Definitely gonna remember that now.

  33. Extreme fatigue, at first i thought it was just because a school day made me extra tired from starting up again after a year off from covid

  34. I’ve only had to put a gown on if i wear something like jeans that are hard to roll up but i got to keep under garments on, some doctors prefer gowns when that’s the case. But every time the gown was lifted to do things like check my stomach i was covered with a towel so i was comfortable, i also got to be alone while changing for privacy.

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