1. Yeah, I was pretty happy with this purchase. There wasn't much shake/trim or any loose stems in it, definitely less than a gram. Hoping they run another sale on FS stuff next month so I can try some more by them.

  2. Firelands is in the process of getting terp info listed on their packaging. So far, I've only personally seen terps listed on a 2.83 of their Sour Papaya I got a few weeks ago. I have seen recent pics of other strains by FS that have had terps listed. Hopefully, they'll get rolled out to all their products soon.

  3. I really like the smell and taste of this one. I had a half of smalls and it smelled so strong upon opening. I can imagine how those bigger nugs stink!!! Probably a little stronger to. I'm pretty much done buying smalls though... I want larger more mature looking buds

  4. Yeah, when I opened the bag it punched me in the nose. Every time I open the jar I put it in it smells really strong. Pretty happy with it.

  5. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a rosin bucket?

  6. I've seen a few 2.53 rosin from Firelands and I think Ancient Roots. I grabbed one from Firelands, Qush #12 a while back and really liked it. Just had my last dab of it last night, it was very nice. I'd like to get another when I can.

  7. I really like Harvest. Good prices and decent selection. They also have sales almost every day and a nice in house brand.

  8. Yea a few of them in Columbus have started accepting card payments a couple weeks ago..

  9. Harvest Columbus accepts debit cards now. There's a $3 fee, but if you're buying a large $ amount it's better than carrying cash.

  10. Well, looks like the recommendations are about 50/50 either way. I placed my pre-order tonight and went with the NYC Flo. I'll post pics and a review tomorrow.

  11. There's some good infused honey in the program. I've tried some from Ancient Roots and Buckeye Relief and I liked both of them. The AR honey has a much stronger weed taste than the BR I just got.

  12. I picked up some 442mg honey from them a week ago. Pretty nice, definitely helps with sleep. I had some 440mg Ancient Roots honey a few weeks ago and liked it a lot too. The AR definitely had a stronger weed taste.

  13. I just started going to harvest bevercreek i assumed it was deep in beavercreak and far away thus writing them off all together then one day i accidental hit the take me there button on my phone and came to relizes this place is accros the street from the green i live literary 5 mins form there so i started shoping there impressive store and an interesting house brand so i got a 10th of Space gello for 27 buck otd i haven't tryed it yet as i always buy about an oz ahead so i never go dry and wont crack this for a week or so what is your experience with this brand and strain for the price im really impressed i usually go klutch buckeye relief Galena s and ohio clean leaf o and firelands but more for there live rosin whats your opinion on this a yes or no for you and why?

  14. I thought the Space Gello was pretty nice, gotta be honest it's been a while since I had it, so can't remember how it tasted.

  15. My PM doctor prescribed me gabapinten and referred me for my MMJ card. She also offers other treatments, injections, that I declined.

  16. I haven't had any good edibles in ohio yet.. I ate an entire 220mg of gummies at once and didn't feel shit from it..

  17. I was pleasantly surprised by the honey. I did up the dosage, but it worked pretty well. I've gotten some gummies from a few different companies, but wasn't super impressed with any I've had. I also only got the lowest dosage in gummies and only ate one at a time.

  18. Is the BR honey whipped like the Ancient Roots honey?

  19. I still haven't tried this one yet. I haven't tried a lot from Buckeye Relief to be honest. This looks really good though. I might have to grab. I really want to try their rainbow grease, but haven't seen it. Has anyone tried their Super Sour Orange? I know it's a sativa, so that's part of the reason I'm hesitant to try it (sometimes can kick the anxiety in), but the pictures of the flower looks amazing.

  20. Yeah, Harvest had some of the Super Sour Orange also. I'm not a big fan of Sativa's, but I'm considering trying a 2.83 of a few different ones to see how I like them.

  21. Lemon Dosidos is great! I try to make sure I always have a jar of it around..

  22. Yeah, I was VERY happy I tried this one. I've been trying to stay under $10/gram and this was the best price I've seen yet.

  23. Everything sold in this state is grown in this state, as it’s federally illegal to cross state lines with it.

  24. Any idea how Ohio growers got the seeds they started with? I've always wondered about that.

  25. The nugs are dense without being brittle. Grinds up easily and isn't dried out. Tastes quite nice and the effect is pleasant, mellowing, and lets you just drift but doesn't get in the way when you need to focus. I'd get this again.

  26. I picked some up last week and thought it was pretty nice. Very tasty and nice effects.

  27. Picked this up for 20% off at Harvest Columbus today. Had some Sour Papaya and really liked it and decided to try this one out. Smalls are pretty nice, look great and have a nice smell. The buds are fairly springy and when I put it in my grinder there wasn't any dust at all. Taste was pretty nice, I'll have to have another session to pin down the tastes. Nice heady buzz, pretty relaxing. Melted my neck pain right away. Will buy again.

  28. Where'd you get that one? I grabbed one about a month ago and loved it.

  29. I've been using them pretty much exclusively since March and they haven't messed up one of my orders. Well, they gave me Watermelon instead of Sour Watermelon gummies once, but it was no big deal.

  30. Harvest is having a sale Friday and I was hoping to get some recommendations on what their best products are? Mostly looking at flower, but any suggestions are appreciated.

  31. You're being downvoted but I've had bad experience with Chizle too. I wanted to like them but they're not good enough for the price.

  32. They can down vote away, Chizle is straight chit right now.

  33. If it's Chizle brand, run, don't buy it. When I first started in the program I bought 4 strains from them, including Cherry Lemon Pie and they were all garbage. Straight smelled and tasted like hay. Effects were sub par at best.

  34. You'll never really get your first high back... until you eat the right dose of edibles... or use a Volcano vaporizer... only time I ever used a vaporizer and it made the room spin like I was drunk was from going a little too crazy with a Volcano...

  35. This^ The only way I've ever been able to closely bring back that first time high was with a really high dosage of edibles. And that was only like one, maybe two times.

  36. I really liked the Motorbreath. Looking forward to getting more some day.

  37. woof what a lovely high— made some awesome and art and just smiled for a few hours 😊

  38. I picked up some of that yesterday, gonna have to try it today.

  39. I just grabbed it bc it was on sale but shit es fresh and some it was just what I needed

  40. Yeah, same here. I wanted to grab some a week or so ago when it was on sale but they ran out. Saw it on sale yesterday and grabbed it.

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