1. I saw a post about this earlier and after a little researching, found out this plants genetics. Holy cow. G13 x White Widow. I'm a sucker for those older genetics and seeing how they are almost non existent in Ohio Med, I immediately found where I could pick this one up. Luckily, Amplify had it and I was able to use my 20% to snag this jar for $73 otd.

  2. Thanks for the detailed review. Definitely putting this on my need to try list. That Solo Burger is definitely some stinky goodness. Got lucky a few weeks ago and got Artifacts of Solo Burger, Alien Pebbles and Biker Kush.

  3. Absolutely welcome. I put a lot of time and energy into a review with the hopes that it will better inform a patient in regards to their own purchases.

  4. Definitely recommend the Lembas Dough! Harvest usually has a decent selection of Galenas, but until recently, I'd never been able to find Artifacts there. I get the weekly email from Galenas for that weeks drops every Friday. They drop Wednesdays, so now I start checking the dispo sites off and on all day on Wednesdays, lol.

  5. Yeah, that worked a little bit. But it started to separate again pretty quickly. Not too big of a deal. I'm going to pop it in the fridge and see how that does.

  6. People are bit harsh on this one, I agree the consistency isn’t ideal but the flavor/terps are great imo. It is at a cheaper price point compared to their live resin which I have a jar of and has better consistency.

  7. Yeah, I have to admit the taste was right on. I'm going to try refrigerating it. Just was expecting a totally different consistency, lol.

  8. Yeah, that weekend deal was stupid. I grabbed the mint julep flower. my first time trying it, has a nice kick. I also got a sweet mug!! Like a nice stoneware mug.

  9. Their weekend deals rule. Having a car makes it easy for me. I love Harvest, but Amplify is really making me re-think my shopping plans.

  10. Got that pineapple upside-down cake cured wax, it's really great for the price!

  11. This jar wasn't so good. It was like diamonds and sauce. 20% diamonds and 80% sauce. I could literally use a syringe to suck the sauce out if I would have wanted to.

  12. Is it just me, or isn't SB 9 basically dead on arrival at Dewine's desk? Unless he's had a major change of heart, this all just seems like political show to run our the clock on getting this on the ballot.

  13. I got really lucky and got Artifacts of Solo Burger, Alien Pebbles, and Biker Kush. Really liked the Solo Burger a lot, very tasty and really nice effects. I actually just had some about 15 minutes ago, and I'm feeling it behind my eyes.

  14. Thanks for the detailed response. It sounds like we both picked up similar bags. If you don't mind me asking, what dispo did u grab from? Also, my only regret was not getting more myself lol.

  15. I got the Artifacts at Harvest of Columbus, the 2.83's I got from Amplify Columbus. Got 25% off the Artifacts and then 30% off the 2.83's because I got 4 plus and additional 20% off because they stack.

  16. I want to be as healthy as possible but some of these strains have to be smoked to really appreciate. SBD and Klutch Lemon Cherry Gelato are both ridiculously good smoked.

  17. That Lemon Cherry Gelato is 🔥. Picked up a half last weekend and I've been loving it. Tastes great out of the bong.

  18. Their concentrates are top shelf. Only had one or two I didn't like, and they were still good, just didn't care as much for the taste. I'm not seeing as much of their stuff at the dispos I go to right now. I'm hoping they have a new big drop soon.

  19. I got an Artifact of this and it's definitely 🔥. Will definitely buy again.

  20. I got an Artifact of this today. Very nice, very heady buzz, taste and smell are on point.

  21. I recently got a 3.36 Baller jar and had a feeling it was off. When I got it out of the box and the safety seal was not the kind that is usually used by Klutch. Matter of fact this the only seal like this I've ever gotten on any concentrates.

  22. This was one of my first purchases when I got in the program a year or so ago. I really liked it, but for some reason, I've never gotten it again. That will need to change after my days reload.

  23. These are all supposed to be the locations, but I'm not sure of opening dates:

  24. Thanks! Looks like another one close to me! Current closest is 2.1 miles away.

  25. I would’ve loved to see actual picture of mold. All I hear are excuses on why all the mold people can’t provide pictures. It wasn’t good weed In late summer-fall. I feel the smell was from some type of food/nutrient. Almost fish food like, glad they got it handles what ever it was.

  26. I didn't see any visible mold in the stuff I got, but it smelled like mold and tasted moldy. Been smoking a long time(35+years) and it was definitely some form of mold.

  27. So I've been pretty vocal about my distrust of Klutch. I have literally had to throw away 2 jars. It's been about 4 months since giving them another try. I thought I'd go for a strain that I know I love, I know what it should taste and smoke like. I just know what to expect. I was most definitely not disappointed. Actually I was really surprised. This bud is beautiful. It's not too moist but still it's sticky. Not too sticky though so it clogs up your grinder and you can't even smoke a joint, which is my preferred method of smoking.

  28. Yeah, I stopped buying their stuff after 3 bad jars and one bad half all on one purchase. 2 weeks ago I decided to give them another chance. I did the same as you and got 2 jars of stuff I knew I liked, Sherbhead and Bighead, and they were both fire. Went back and got a half of Bighead and it was also fire.

  29. Wish I could find a half oz of the solo burger or gorilla nut by them somewhere in Columbus. It’s all 2.8’s and I don’t want to buy 5 with no bulk discount.

  30. Just FYI, Galenas does their drops on Wednesday, so check on Wednesday afternoon, early Thursday may find some.

  31. Weird… that’s not at all what they’re saying on Faux News…

  32. I always have to check their website every few days to see what they are raging about. Today a top 5 story is about a rooster that killed a man. Not a word about Bidens trip to Ukraine. Fucking unbelievable.

  33. Their concentrates are almost always 🔥. There have been a few I didn't like the taste of as much, but they really have their stuff dialed in.

  34. Okay I'm glad to hear it! Can we still get rid of the cap in the meantime?

  35. I saw they are currently reviewing the cap to bring it up to 90%. They are also looking to add more qualifying conditions. I hope they do both.

  36. Just picked up a half an hour ago. One of my faves in the program. Looks, smells and tastes great and very nice effects.

  37. How Skunky was the Skunky Jack? I've been looking for a Skunky flower with no luck.

  38. By far the best strain I ve personally found for my pain is Grow Ohios Layer Cake. It’s got a pungent smell and is a unique taste but works incredibly well for my nerve pain.

  39. I'll definitely check that one out. I see it on the menu a lot, but have always got something else.

  40. Try a strain with caryophyllene and myrcene in that order as the top two terpenes. Throw in some humulene for its anti inflammatory properties and you have a great pain strain. Right off of the top of my head, Buckeye Relief Dosidos first terp is caryophyllene. I can look thru my inventory tomorrow and find a few if you would like? I hope this helps.

  41. I had a feeling those two would be the top two. Not a huge fan of either, but it gives me something to start with when trying new flower and concentrates. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

  42. I have one of those. Pretty nice for dabs out and about. I haven't used mine in years. I think it has the little storage container on the bottom which is nice. I thought it was OK, gives decent size hits. Be sure to buy more heating elements as they can get toasted quickly. Smaller sized dabs seem to do best for me. But, you may have better luck with larger ones. You'll figure it out as you go along.

  43. I stay away from their flower completely, but their concentrates are pretty good. This is 3rd or 4th 3.36 I've gotten from them, not to mention the 7 or 8 .84 jars too, and this was the first time it has happened.

  44. I was pretty stoked when I picked this up today when I saw the terpenes listed, all my favorites. After I got it home I immediately opened it and was blown away by the smell without even having gotten the lid completely off. When I went to remove the lid it pulled with some suction and the inner liner of the lid came out of the lid and stuck to the jar. When I pulled the liner off the jar I could see the badder was all sloped to one side of the jar and there was badder stuck to the liner. I also noticed there was a clear liquid on the shallow end of the jar.

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