1. ? Not a scalper, had friends that were gonna go with me but they dropped out so now I got extras cuz no one else ik likes sematary

  2. Often, states require a case to be filed to seal the case and to have a hearing on it. I would consult a local legal nonprofit on the issue to get the details for your specific state.

  3. Yeah I went to the Free Legal Aid Society that puts on the name and gender change clinic and they helped me with the name/gender docs but had no idea about the sealing. The clerk told me though I'd have to fill out the motion to seal though and submit it alongside my name/gender change because they said once the name/gender change docs are submitted you can't file the motion to seal

  4. Request the paperwork when you grab your name change packet.

  5. I got it but the Free Legal Aid Society said they weren't sure what I even meant, which I don't understand how they don't know

  6. all the recent labs were the same day, yesterday. i got my estradiol and LH and all that same time. and what's the difference between free and total? the only thing my UCLA portal says is Estradiol, not specifying what kind

  7. So having a current total estradiol of 119 is ok?

  8. If your E dose is too high, it'll cause SHBG to go high, which will decrease the amount of E your body absorbs.

  9. Ah, shit. That's what I was worried about after doing all this research. That my Estradiol was too high and now the SHBG is up too and binding to the estrogen instead since my testosterone is so low.

  10. The average penis size is about 5 inches. Even if you do simple PI, they typically use the penis for the top of the canal, the perineum for the bottom, and sometimes cap the back with scrotal tissue. The average cis vagina is 4-7 inches You’ll be fine with depth with what you have.

  11. Yeah no, for sure, I knew I was around average I wasn't trying to make a statement or something about penis sizes, I just worry that if I'm 5 inches hard then my depth will be less than that.

  12. Yeah my point is that even 5 inches is well within the depth cis women can reach, and you can have sex with 6-7 in dicks in the same way that cis women with 4-5 in vaginas do — by not inserting the dick all the way to the base

  13. For sure, the issue too though is AFAB vaginas naturally can stretch to accommodate even larger sizes beyond the normal depth and I never knew if scar tissue will stretch the same so the ability is definitely harder for trans women from my extremely basic understanding.

  14. Saw one of your other comments, trying to live as anything you are not authentically will never end well. You can't play the male role for forever, you need to do what your heart desires, otherwise you will spend even more time in life with the feeling of "staring out the window." Desiring things you can't possess, feeling like life isn't for you, like life is passing you up and others are happy and living in the moment but you are not. If you truly believe in your heart you're a girl, or that's where the desire/drive for life comes from, then it shouldn't matter how far you go in terms of feminine aesthetic.

  15. Yep, I think it was Anthony Padilla's youtube vid with Dylan Mulvaney where they showed the figure, only 0.4% of all detransitioners detransition due to personal choice/feeling regret. Most detransition due to the financial drain, and other factors.

  16. What machine? The one that whips around you? Ask to use the normal metal detector instead it's within your rights, that machine with the arms that spins arounds you adds radiation/risk of cancer so you're well within your rights to ask for a normal metal detector for many reasons, especially health or trans related.

  17. That's a whole 38% of the general population that aren't complete dumbfucks! Somewhat joking, but that's a much higher number than I would've anticipated, I'm actually very surprised to read that. (:

  18. I'm glad you're pleasantly surprised! I honestly didn't know where the number was, but like, what is there to not like about us? Lol sure we make some people uncomfortable because they begin to question their pre-established values and ideas about gender, but like, IDK. Being by myself for the most part in life (not even talking alone just like, personality wise I've always been independent of family impressions and friends, etc) I've always thought for myself and have been open minded to the point that now I'm confused like, why wouldn't we be accepted? When you live as who you are, you're completely valid and it just bothered me somebody could feasibly believe that we're not good for society, but we're humans too?

  19. I love your surprise ending! Because truly, fuck people who don’t think we should exist. Every day that we live and that we are happy is proof that they’re wrong. And the best thing is that the number of people who think we should exist is getting bigger because we are so much stronger than the people who don’t believe in us.

  20. Yes, seriously! I was getting down about it and then realized hmm wait, it could always be worse! And I know there are good people out there and bad people out there and some you just can't change.

  21. You just gotta tell him to fuck off like flat out, these people do not deserve to waste any of your time. Like the second someone starts on that shit they should get an unambiguous gfy and if they keep trying it's time to ask the bartender to yeet him tf out of there.

  22. Yeah I really wish I did. This is the first time it's ever happened to me and I was just really shocked, just because of what he said but also because I had been thinking/expecting he was gonna come up and flirt, and so was a lil drunk too so I just was so kinda wrapped up in the shit all I could say was "what?... no i'm a girl." I truly was confused and a little scared tbh the look on his face wasn't kind or sweet just very cold and he was at least 6 inches taller and I'm small like 5' 5" and so I was worried he was gonna hurt me. I feel stupid for freezing but yeah I wish I could've stuck up for myself more I don't play around w these people but since I froze up I didn't really get aggressive more defensive but next time this happens I know what to do better

  23. Trueeee can def relate! You got this girl I believe in you!!❤️

  24. Thank you girl!!!! I appreciate it :) I believe in you too!☺️❤️❤️

  25. Bartenders and bouncers don't take kindly to people like that. I was propositioned once for porno in a bar and I turned the guy down politely twice. The bartender asked if he was a problem and I explained. He was removed by the bouncers, through the door that had been closed. Ouch!

  26. Fuck that guy! Those are good bouncers though. I wasn't sure if I should say anything for the reasons I stated but def next time I will. If an employee saw then I definitely would've told them like with the bartender for you.

  27. He’s both a transphobe and a chaser. I’ve sadly experienced the same dynamic several times before, though only one time in person and he wasn’t as aggressive as this guy sounds. It’s upsetting but I’m proud of you for standing your ground and not backing down in the moment. That’s not easy to do. Stay strong girl! ❤️

  28. I'm sorry you had to deal with similar people! They suck so much... I seriously can't believe people spend their time doing this shit. I'm sorry though you had to experience it too.

  29. I relate to so much of this post. I don’t have much advice for you, just please know you’re not alone! The other day I made myself cry because I literally saw a stock photo of a cheerleader and it flooded my brain with all of the girly things I missed out on growing up. I wish I could’ve had Barbie’s, easy bake ovens, learn about makeup, talk to my friends about boys, do cheerleading or drill team with all the other girls. Again, I’m struggling with the same issues so I don’t have much advice for you, but if you ever need a friend to talk to, I’m here for you girl❤️

  30. Aww I'm so sorry, I hope you know you can talk to me too, I'm always here. I'm feeling a lot better today it's been hard too because one of my highschool teachers, who cared about me and wanted me to figure myself out while I was doing bad in school due to depression, just passed away on Monday, before I could visit her at school and show her the real me. So I've been having a lot of dreams about her and highschool days and in my dream there was a prom and it just made me really sad, considering too I'm constantly reminded how whenever I go out the only guys to approach me are creepy old guys, it happened the past weekend and just made me sad as well and that contributed to all these feelings.

  31. seriouslyyyy they both are😍

  32. For Hunter Schafer yesss, but Alex Saint's from Veneno

  33. Oh, no! I definitely don’t think you’re one of them! You’re one of us, girl! Non-op solidarity!

  34. yesssss <3 sorry wasn't sure exactly who you meant

  35. I've seen no-op or non-op used a bit, but mostly on reddit in trans spaces, I think. Having said that, if someone already understands what trans and pre-op mean, they'll likely also understand what you mean by no-op.

  36. No for sure! I am open to it but at this point fairly sure I won't. There are moments from my childhood of trying to push my dick down with multiple pairs of underwear because I saw Victoria's Secret advertisements and shit and was so jealous of how smooth their "bump" was (is what I thought in my head) and so I tried to smooth out mine a lot in my childhood, trying to push it down in my room. Both that, and wanting to wear tighter clothes might lead to me getting SRS.

  37. No thanks. It's pretty hard to find a word that everyone feels comfortable with, then compound that with angry cis people having another thing to be like "even more names your supposed to keep track of it's so impossible to even know how to please these people." Its good intentioned, but pretty complex.

  38. I mean I'm not asking everyone to change, I'm wondering for myself. because I don't like the word and how it implies we were ever anything else.

  39. The conventional view is that this is something we always were; so, the only thing that changes is our presentation. That's all clothes, makeup, name changes, surgery, etc., are: changes to presentation. They don't change who we are.

  40. I'm confused, I get what you're saying but the thing is, inside we aren't the "opposite" gender. That's the point I'm making, we're just women. We aren't men at all, and never were, even if we inhabited a body that was technically AMAB, I would never say I was actually male before and never really felt comfortable with it or identified out of my own volition.

  41. I appreciate the advice, I do have one, I have lots, but I don't want that. It's a reason why, I'm bisexual but I'm starting to realize I can't date anyone without a dick. That's what I'm craving but it's more than that. My horny-ness also just comes from really, really wanting to be treated femininely by a man or another pre-op trans woman like me (but who likes to top, which I feel is rare) and so a lot of my pent up horny-ness comes from wanting to experience that. Putting something inanimate in my own butt just doesn't do it.

  42. Similar problem here. Im a little over a year and a half on HRT and I'm hornier than ever. I've already had two bad experiences with hooking up and I'm starting to think nobody will actually want me except for sex.

  43. I'm really sorry you had bad experiences :( there's a lot of terrible people out there but I'm sure you'll find someone who wants to be with you for more than sex

  44. Yeah I figured, kinda concerned but it's the only injection I can get rn

  45. What is the strength of your EV? That determines the volume you need to inject.

  46. I don't know yet I haven't picked up or seen the prescription but I'll let you know once I do

  47. I’m in the exact same boat lol, it’s pretty hard feels like a fucking never ending waiting room but I think it really just comes down to finding the right people for you like I mean the ones you actually genuinely enjoy spending time together with and just existing around, which is so damn hard you could maybe try meeting people in specific place or doing a certain hobby cause a lot of people just don’t communicate that way for some reason they don’t open up like that right away or until you really get to know them on a deep personal level, hope I can be a bit of help :) xx

  48. Hey sorry for the late response, I'm sorry you're dealing with the same thing, it really is tough. I definitely agree, it's hard because I live in SoCal and moved to West Hollywood hoping to find other trans women or allies to be friends with but sometimes it can feel even more isolating here and some people here can be extremely judgemental or unaccepting too, which sucks. I'm trying my best to meet others I just feel like I do too much, open my heart up too much, there's just so much on my mind that I wanna talk about to relate to someone about and I feel lonelier if I just end up pushing them away. I appreciate the support and help though, it's def been hard but I'm trying my best :)

  49. You can talk to me if you like. I might be slow, but I'll respond when I can.

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