1. This is me! Except it’s my romanticized version of them that remains active. I’m not sure if it’s actually “them” vs my idea of them I cannot release 🙃

  2. 12H leo venus. Their romanticized version I love remains in the astral ✌️

  3. It’s okay to be a Jack of all trades 🖤 I’d say look into your human design chart as well. This may be an Archetype of yours, an aspect of yourself that is in your “blueprint.”

  4. Knowing I’m a manifestor was helpful to know I’m not “lazy”, but still challenging to grip with my frequency of moving + jobs. (Not OP, but similar situation)

  5. Venus in the 12th can have a similar effect to Venus in the 9th, as both are ruled by Jupiter, it's just a different flavor.

  6. Could you expand on the connection better travel and venus in 12H ?

  7. Moon in 10th generally indicates prominent / work oriented family. People with moon in 10th attract enormous amount of attention. These people kind of have to protect themselves.

  8. My parents are wildly successful in their careers. I have just jumped around. Identified as the black sheep in my nuclear and extended family for a long time. I’m back living with my parents, but feel a bit suffocated.

  9. Look where your Saturn is placed… anything that helps your Saturn will help your moon. If it’s aspected to your moon in a positive way, this is highly beneficial.

  10. There are no aspects between my moon and my saturn. Can I pm you?

  11. U/Gigabyte , You seem to have a high libido. Attracted to older men. Have a small bosom. Possibly travelling a lot in the last few years. Are injury/, surgery prone. Career prospects are bright.financially comfortable. May have housing conveyance problems. You are advised to wear a pure silver bracelet on your right wrist for happiness.

  12. Why are y’all forgetting John Wayne played Genghis Khan ??

  13. Yes any follow-up OP? I’m in the boat right now

  14. YW! Fellow Leo here just looking out for ya.

  15. Regulus is 29 degrees leo? It’s a fixed star and hasn’t changed

  16. Okay, so then the given reading is right. You have to be a doctor but it's not about the perks. You are not going to be a doctor so you can have money for nice things and vacations. You have to teach people to heal themselves. You can't become a mad doctor or an evil guru restricting the progress of knowledge. You have to find truth in all things, and you will save people.

  17. Do you have other care suggestions for LP 11 and karmic number 11 ? Both my parents are ironically physicians, but I think medicine is too political nowadays.

  18. I can't think of anything from the top of my head. I think this is just for the original poster...

  19. This is similar to mine 11/2. What resources or practices do you suggest for tapping into a master number life path?

  20. Actually this 1H Ketu/7H Rahu (whole signs, I also have this) tends to make us OBSESSED with relationships/other ppl, because Rahu denotes the area of life where we are obsessed with things. Ketu is the antidote, so there's a need to focus on oneself.

  21. Sheesh with 1H ketu / 7H rahu. I have forced myself to be single past 3 years. First not on purpose, but then it became intentional.

  22. Just because you have a single aspect and wouldn't have something done doesn't mean that someone else with that same aspect wouldn't have said thing done.

  23. I mean…the point is moon in rohini is not the culprit because we both have it and act differently. You told OP this was caused by a single aspect.

  24. Not sure why you decided to focus on my answer that gave a single reason, as there are others to attack as well, so go on then

  25. Scorpio MC’s do well in the medical field. 12H is all about “beyond the veil” and I see ultrasound as 1000% beyond our reality. Granted occurring at the same time of our reality, but yeah.. go for it amigo!

  26. Devaluing SAHM is a problem for you but completely ignoring the possibility of his being a SAHD is fine?

  27. I would say I revere SAHM’s. Many people looked down on my mom for her choice, but I know it was the best one. I admitted the ease it was to devalue SAHM as a kid because I saw so many people look down on my mom with disdain. Were you not able to read that?

  28. The kids will be fine. Plenty of doctors have children. You could probably afford to be a stay at home dad too

  29. My dad is a doctor and worked. My mom is also a MD, but she stopped working full time after my sister, her third child, was born. I did not understand why my mom would stop practicing medicine to be a mom. What a joke I thought! What a waste of smarts and education.

  30. Moon and Venus describe our relationship with women (including mother, female friends, strangers etc)

  31. Venus time Pluto too… Perhaps get comfortable with the idea your sustainable relationship will be beyond the ordinary veil. Think transformative. Pluto power

  32. I didn’t know she had surgery, that’s interesting! but no this weight-loss was intentional. i had to lose weigh bc I was morbidly obese. but I def didn’t lose weight overnight haha

  33. If you select “all aspects” it will draw less major lines too, perhaps your yod will show up here OP. My MC yod does (technically not a yod because the MC is not a planet). In traditional yods the apex MUST be the fastest moving planet.

  34. Why so many down votes? The sub is a good resource for those with mental imbalance to balance it in non-drug ways.

  35. Two books that are good reads on this topic are "Cadillac Desert" and "Where the Water Goes".

  36. Love these books ! I did a great Water Tour with the Metropolitan Water District. Highly recommend! Water law is so fascinating and frustrating!!

  37. Actually all the irrigation from the Imperial Valley has been recharging the ground water, which makes great crops for Calexico !

  38. I’ve read some stuff from women who have practiced no sex/no masturbation and have claimed that it made them feel a lot better.

  39. I have been celibate purposely for 2.5 years now. I did have some months with masturbation, however I did not feel the same self-confidence boost. For me I think it was healing some trauma / body de-attachment concerns, so perhaps it is different for others. I went maybe 6 months without masturbation and several people (spiritual coaches, like a workshop) it is unhealthy long-term and 3 weeks is the magic number? lol I just don’t know.

  40. Speaking as a gay guy here, so might be missing something but….How exactly does it increase self confidence and self worth in men?

  41. Sexual preference doesn’t matter. It is the act of retaining your seed of life that gives you power. This is why after releasing men go to sleep immediately because they have released their seed of life. There are many no fap communities. Even better, try 90 days for yourself!

  42. Yeah makes sense! Cause people who have a natal Mercury in rx are already familiar with its effects and have dealt with that type of Mercury all their lives, so a transit Mercury rx would not have the same shock effect on them like it would have on others 🪐

  43. Yes the biggest impact is if you are used to living in a house underwater, but everyone else is not…I still experience the chaos. I do not have fear the house will flood or I will drown because I am used to it, however my day to day suffers because of the panic and calamity of those around me.

  44. Are you still in the “4” phase? Pre-saturn return. It could be your bumping into people phase.

  45. You. Should. Be. A. DOMINATRIX (not sure if you're male or female, but either way).

  46. Honestly I just feel more lonely at the end of day.

  47. Lilith in Aries. I dated someone with Lilith in Aries, and they were extremely vengeful.

  48. Hmm I have lillith in 1H too, but Virgo. I would say I can be petty, more protective than vengeful. I got bullied pretty heavily by other girls as a kid

  49. i’m seing lots of natural (wide smile, welcoming eyes, looks approachable, freckled), ingenue (circled eyes, mouth, rosy undertones to skin), and ethereal (esp. your colouring, medium to low contrast - i’m not good at the contrast thing, but to me it looks like you may have a lower contrast to you)!

  50. Do you have a resource to see all the variables of the various essences ?

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