AITA for not taking my wife's side and admitting that she overreacted??

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*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  1. Facebook marketplace is your friend... picked up a couple of great condition ps3 guitars for $60aud

  2. Looks awesome. Only thing it's missing is some larger tyres. I love stance style, but even with fender to lip fitment, those wheels look small.

  3. Have you seen my Z 😂 I didn’t cut the firewall at all. Nice try.

  4. Haven't seen your z. Just know someone here in Australia that had a bad experience with fitting it

  5. That's awesome. Have you got a build log? YouTube video, folks in 350z owners Australia would love to see that as this motor is cheap

  6. I love how reddit users always seem to tell someone they're entitled to their partners money, simply because that partner make more.

  7. You should probably read this comment, I am the car person you described. (Not actually your bf just the same personality)

  8. You're trying to rationalise someone who is regularly attacking you over something you don't have the same level of care for (shes emotional about it, you're calm)

  9. Not commenting on the 'issue' at hand: but nice work in getting a new place with your girl. Start of an awesome future I'm sure :)

  10. Haha wtf... Surely this is bait. I refuse to believe this actually happened

  11. So the guy works way more hours than you, and as result he needs to pay more for bills?

  12. Real advice: he doesn't have much going for him, you really think he's better than someone else locally? Haha

  13. I reckon there's an easy way to rule this one...

  14. It is a valid answer, however, the answer would very likely be the same if he never planned to get serious with her. That's a very generic "I have traditional parents" type of answer. If his parents are so traditional they can't handle knowing he's dating someone, they will most likely not like the fact that she's not Indian. The question is: will he stand by his parents or her when the time comes to choose? I have a coworker whose wife's parents disowned her for their marriage since they come from different religions even though they are both Indian.

  15. @catamaran This comment, brought to you buy a white person.

  16. Soo all answers confirm exactly what he told you.

  17. Can't remember if I posted the answer but it was total BS. Someone called and said "taking an air-conditioning remote out if it's holder and then back in"

  18. Similar thing happened to me 15 months ago...

  19. Because it's just fun. Wish servers were still active in aus

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