1. Mans got a whole eighth swimming around in there 💀

  2. DARTH DEW. I’m sad I never got to try that. Frown face emoji, sad emoji.

  3. It was just a slurpee version of Pitch black, throw a bottle in the freezer for a bit then smack it around some and you got the same thing 😉

  4. I’m still waiting on the bottles of it to release, tried it once and thought it was great but I have make a 5-6hr round trip to the closest Which Wich.

  5. Has the company announced that Vibe was going to get a bottled release? I assumed this was a Which Wich exclusive.

  6. They haven’t announced it, but back in September someone shared a screenshot from Which Wich’s IG that showed a 20oz bottle of vibe. I haven’t seen any updates since that so it’s possible they ditched the idea but I really hope not.

  7. Been smoking Death Star all day, about to mix in some Balloon Corn with it to finish off the night 😴

  8. Those regular Bajas are probably 3-4 years old, they retired that design in 2020.

  9. Pretty sure I still got 1 can of each, I’m conflicted on if I should drink them along with Gold, Mango Gem, Deep dive, and the two coming this year over the course of a week or just save them

  10. Thanks, my girl ordered both from the Pepsi museums webstore

  11. I was gonna get one of those displays last summer, the manager of my local food lion hid it away for me but someone managed to find the before I went back for it and got bailed with the other cardboard stuff 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. Got this once before, I was petty and purposely drove past the house a good 5-6 times before actually stopping. This was during the height of the pandemic so everything was contactless, it made my day when I left it on the corner of their fence(had a fence super close to their door) and it started raining the second I turned around to leave 🤷🏻‍♂️ hope they enjoyed their soggy cold pizza

  13. Been smoking my way through a qp of Laughing Buddha and it hasn’t disappointed me especially for the price, love how balanced the effects are. I like to smoke throughout the whole day so I’ve got a solid tolerance but the lb still packs a nice buzz and gets the job done.

  14. Nice! I’ve been trying to find one of those for myself for a while, I’ve got all the other cans+ steel display case and the inflatable Mtn Dew jar jar can. It’s my favorite of the older promotions

  15. Dope Toker poker, I’ve got the Rick one and have used it just about every day for the last 4-5 years. Probably one of the most useful smoking tools I’ve purchased over the years lol

  16. Like an employee exclusive or was there some merch drop I missed? Either way it’s dope, I collect mtn dew stuff and flamin hot has been one of my favorites to come out in the last few years. I’ve got a portion of my collection just for the flamin hot related items(online release, store release, stickers, ad card, and a fire hydrant stress ball), been looking for a hat but haven’t had luck yet beyond the Broken promises collab one.

  17. Yeah its like an employee exclusive,but yeah the broken promises and the site would be my best guess to keep a look out.its nice to see other mtn dew enthusiast.i've been wanting the baja blast bucket hat

  18. That’s cool af, I’ve managed to snag a few employee exclusives on eBay so I’ll keep and eye out, pretty sure the broken promises site sold out on the hats but I’ll have to double check, I see them pop up occasionally. The Baja bucket is definitely a nice piece.

  19. I mean if you wanna get locked up like that girl that went to Russia go right ahead, I can’t imagine the government is gonna trade anyone to get you back though. Getting bud once you arrive or abstaining during your trip would be better options.

  20. That Voodew promo sticker is pretty cool, if the manager is chill you should ask if you can have it 🤔

  21. I don’t go to that town often was just picking up my new car and stopped at this Casey’s,but I would love to have asked just didn’t think about it!

  22. Gotcha, might be worth checking back in a few weeks to see if it’s still there if you have the time/interest, if the pepsi rep doesn’t come for it chances are it’ll be left there till something else replaces it or it’s damaged

  23. The rarest is probably DEWitos afaik there’s only one person said to have a test can of it in their collection, some others would be Aurora, Dry Ginger, Golden Lime, Red/Diet Red, Sport, Grape(not violet just grape)

  24. Pretty sure that’s just how the black organics are, I remember when they came out Josh posted saying to just lick your finger and run it across the gum because the paper is so thin the slightest bit of excess moisture will cause it to rip. The inside of the packs even have a part that says “only for skilled rollers”. I’ve definitely ripped a few of them but once you get used to the thinness it’s not an issue

  25. That was a rumor, it was never releasing on the 1st

  26. Do you have a source for that date? To my knowledge nothing beyond the month of January was explicitly stated and afaik no Dew flavor has managed a 1st of the month release even when they were mega hyping Major Melons January release a couple years ago it’s official release ended up being the 4th.

  27. I don’t use insta but if they had said that I imagine it would’ve been blasted all over the sub and articles so that leads me to believe they didn’t

  28. As a mtn dew enthusiast I’d buy it for the can but I definitely wouldn’t drink it

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