1. You’re basically paying to learn how to use Photoshop. I’d go with the Information Technology major, it’ll get you more involved into web development basics, and basically everything IT related.

  2. Are those 14 or 16AWG wires inside that conduit? There’s no way those are 12AWG, as the max fill is about 26 for 12AWG and the max for 14AWG is 35. It seems you have at least 36 wires in there.

  3. not on me, on the original post!

  4. Still works that way, but this is a OC post. I ran it through Google reverse search as well.

  5. Now they cost at least 70% more, based on inflation, this was done sometime between 1990-1995.

  6. FD spends 5 minutes trying to figure out why it’s not operating


  8. Good idea! Did we lose a bunch of money since the 2022 license was used to activate the new VM?

  9. Your Hyper-V host will need to be licensed, but talk to your MS rep about licensing rules. It's a bit convoluted.

  10. Got it! Thank you for the idea about P2V, don’t know why I didn’t think about it.

  11. In my opinion, if they broke it, they fix it.

  12. Easy fix is to just use wired CarPlay, not wireless.

  13. i pass vlans through dumb switches and point to point links, the main issue is something at the far end needs to attach itself to the vlan. at that point you get no security benefit as that device could reprogram itself to other vlans if compromised. web-smart switches can assign a port to a vlan untagged so the device is none the wiser. web smart switches arent that expensive or complex for tinkering

  14. Exactly! Thank you for clearing things up. The thing is, if you pass a VLAN as untagged on a port, the port will only accept traffic for that single VLAN.

  15. usually people use vlans to isolate unsafe stuff from important stuff. if you want to keep unsafe stuff off the internet you can manually give them a bad default gateway ip or set up a firewall block in your router. if you make a lan segment with smart switch and untagged port vlan all the devices in that direction (like if you use a dumb switch out that way) see what appears to be a simple lan that gets funneled to the vlan. having said that you can mix tagged and untagged traffic on a port too, just be careful. you want only one untagged vlan there and the incoming untagged packets configured to go to that same vlan.

  16. To be frank, I’m embarrassed but I’m actually a network administrator for a commercial organization. I’ve always known what VLANs do, but never had to work with them the past 5 years I’ve been doing this by some miracle. There were other fires to put out first before we could start looking into securing our network.

  17. What car? What year? What model? Help us out here so we can get you a part number at least for you to order.

  18. Scour the inter web for the same model and color at Carmax. Problem solved.

  19. I don’t believe Carmax sells parts. What are you implying? Regardless, if OP’s time is worth more to them than $6 and a spray can, then going this route will be the cheapest and easiest way.

  20. Are the quizzes the only thing that’s unproctored? What do you mean by two chances for the midterm? As in being able to redo it if you don’t get a good grade the first time?

  21. So if you take a look at your car on tirerack, and sort by OE equipment, Rogues either come with the Bridgestone Alenzas or the Dunlop Grandtreks. My rogue came with the Alenzas and they're just okay, they aren't wearing crazy fast or anything, handle okay in the wet, but are awful in the snow.

  22. Do you have a source for this information you came across (reviews) by chance?

  23. Took my 2022 Rogue Platinum for an oil change with 20K. Dealer said the Dunlops in the back were starting to show in the "Yellow" zone while the front were still in the "Green" zone. I thought it was a bit soon but OEM tires tend to not be the best. I too was not sure if this was too soon or about right. From your description it would appear that so far I appear to be doing ok. Will keep an eye on them just in case. Thanks for the heads up :)

  24. At 20k, and the yellow zone, so anywhere from 5-3mm tire tread? Yeah, your tires are doing much better than my tires. It seems these Dunlop tires quality is very low and or they need to be maintained very often to ensure they last as long as possible.

  25. I can smell the burning engine from here… why does the engine have a higher pitched sound to it. Is this video sped up?

  26. It’s an issue with the latest release. I went as far as heading to GitHub’s Canvas as it’s open source to open an issue. However, they make it very difficult to submit bug reports, they want you to go through your institution’s IT which will only take up more of your time since they’ll ask you useless troubleshooting steps.

  27. You’re getting ripped off, that’s the price of an Audi or Mercedes.

  28. This is a Nissan rouge platinum in CAD$. Let me know why you think this is high.

  29. Ah! Missed the Canada part in the title. So in USD it’s $38,320. You can’t even get a Platinum for that price here in U.S.

  30. From the one photo doesn't look like foam, just a aluminum reflective coating over a granulated top sheet.

  31. Hi, thanks for the input! It’s definitely not aluminum, I can feel the foamy characteristics of the roof. Wooden roof.

  32. AT&T’s Staff Alert solution for protecting staff during emergencies:

  33. I thought it could be an unusual looking wifi extender. They should make extenders like this so they don't use up the receptacle

  34. There’s no need to use the receptacle space to extend WiFi coverage. In the industry, we use “WiFi extenders” called access points. These devices are typically ceiling mounted and provide a WiFi signal all throughout the building. There are some products that sit inside each room on the market, but I just don’t find a need as it’s overkill.

  35. Can you share a picture first instead of asking other users to share pictures? It’ll be much easier for everyone.

  36. Yeah. Sounds like an image would describe it better. It’s dark and rainy out so I’ll snap a pic tomorrow morning to help clear it up.

  37. Knowing how Reddit works, I’d just remove this post and then post again with a picture. If you wait till tomorrow, this post will disappear from everyone’s feed and you won’t get many eyes on it.

  38. What does this have to do with IT?

  39. Forget the strap, what’s going on with that liquid tight entering the equipment with no fitting?

  40. Thank you for thinking of me and inviting me to participate in this project, but I regret to inform you that I won't be able to join at this time. While I appreciate the opportunity, my current workload and commitments wouldn't allow me to contribute effectively to this project. I hope you can understand and please do not hesitate to reach out to me in the future if you need any assistance that I may be able to provide.

  41. You got it! Easy way to say no.

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