what should men be allowed to do without being judged?

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  1. Did you get this idea from Josh Elkin?? Looks delicious!

  2. I spent ages finding lovely backdrops to take a good photo, and you're here just 'ring so fabulous, I'ma snap a pic in the ready-meal section' 😂.

  3. Lmfao I kept laughing bc my favorite pic of my ring has pulled pork in the background 🤣🤣

  4. If im close with someone im not texting first im calling out of the blue and same if i get i call out of the blue from a close friend. Best friends ft and have full on conversation while one of them is pooping.

  5. Ya and if I ft her and she doesn’t answer then nbd

  6. The next episode looks like it’s gonna be a doozy

  7. I went trick or treating till I was like 17, go for it

  8. Omfg I’m not even from Toronto but I’ve visited a few times and that man has always stuck in my memory

  9. We've got a family member who had kids at 58 and 60 with his second wife and he was 100% involved and working full time -- amazing. But, he is a marathon runner; his wife was 100% for having kids and prepared to take over if something went wrong; and he was lucky that his health of all kinds remained strong. Plus, he had the money to do it. Jenny has none of those factors going for her, unfortunately.

  10. Plus I’m assuming they wanted children. Sumit literally said he didn’t actually want children, he just wants to use them appease his parents. Which is horrible for him and his potential children.

  11. I’ve never seen doughnuts sold pre-cut like that. Those are also probably the nicest cream horns I’ve ever had.

  12. Oh no my mom actually cut them because we wanted to try each one but didn’t want the whole thing hahaha

  13. Basic whipped-like cream (I think) in the cream horns, lemon and strawberry filling to the 2 powered doughnuts, and vanilla cream in the Boston cream donut

  14. Sorry you’re the minority here, but when men I’ve never spoken to before randomly strike up a conversation with me out of the blue, it’s usually with an ulterior motive. So bringing my boyfriend up in a casual way just let’s him know right off the bat I’m not interested in that if that’s what he’s looking for.

  15. Mac and cheese in a roast dinner? Not hating but never seen it before!

  16. Haha yeah I know it’s not conventional, but I love mac and cheese so I thought why not!

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