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  1. The irony of calling a guy who bought a company called Tesla the Edison of our time (knowing full well Edison also just abused patents).

  2. At least Joseph Swan made good on his threat and sued him in the UK, which is why he doesn’t get the credit for “inventing the light bulb” here.

  3. Use the shower head. Toilet roll is a filthy habit anyway.

  4. Dear Americans: I’ve seen the state of your transport infrastructure. Sit down (but not under an interstate bridge).

  5. Yeah. I did have a 3GS in 2009 or so, but I think the 3rd generation was called the SE or something like that.

  6. Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was … oh shit.

  7. (I was actually translating literally from french which was stupid.)

  8. Yes. I’m a native English speaker from England and I say “nine hundred” or “nine o’clock”, and most people I know would too.

  9. ETA: British railway announcements would also tend to say something like, “the train approaching platform 2 is the oh nine hundred service to London Liverpool Street”, or suchlike.

  10. British people resident in Portugal. There are quite a few of us.

  11. This is true, I can only get a 900mb line into my house as well, but the main thing is I don’t have any network or connection issues. I see people with mesh networks have all sorts of problems with devices and connectivity issues. Meanwhile I’m just sitting chugging along on my old apple routers not having to rest the network, not having Siri issues, or connecting devices. So until my routers brick themselves I can’t justify going to my wife and say “hey babe can I just drop £400-500 on 3 routers please?” I’d be sleeping on the sofa for a week.

  12. Mesh networks are what you do if you can’t run cable. They’re a distress purchase.

  13. I agree wired back haul is the way, that’s have I have though my whole house (I also have Omar’s stuff, mainly for solid dual wan). But some mesh systems are unbelievably good now, with dedicated backhaul channels. It may have been a ‘distress purchase’ a few years ago, but not now.

  14. I tried it on the Omadas for shits and giggles and it worked well enough.

  15. Aren't you doing the same to assume that something very obviously intended to humiliate isn't intended to humiliate?

  16. You seem deeply invested in controlling the sex lives of others, speaking of psychologically unhealthy

  17. It's not rewording the original claim. By dehumanizing I mean degrading, humiliating, making less than.

  18. It is rewording the original claim. Your position is that this is unhealthy because it’s unhealthy.

  19. I'm not 100% certain about this, but I'd be surprised if Portuguese Portuguese wasn't taught in Europe.

  20. Estou a aprender português de Portugal e posso confirmar isso.

  21. i don't understand all these people spinning up and moving to small servers. what happens to your account when the admin gets bored?

  22. If we spin up a small server, we ARE our admin.

  23. Good point. I’m on a medium-sized server run by a very responsive admin, so I’m happy. But I’ve seen tales of admins deciding they can’t do it anymore, and just shutting down. Ideally we’d each have our own mini-server on our laptops or whatever, serving up & storing our own data… I wonder if things will eventually move in that direction.

  24. Reminds me of the time I helped a solo French cruiser tie up. He'd been at sea for 5 weeks and looked quite weary. I offered to buy him lunch at the club (30 seconds walk away) and he replied "no thanks, I've got food". Some people are just built different.

  25. Some people have dietary restrictions that pretty much precludes eating at unknown restaurants (I’m one of them). Eventually you get tired of having the “they can probably make something for you, let’s just check” conversation where you have to explain at length about cross contamination that you end up giving responses like this.

  26. What does seaweed taste like to you? Because I can't stand fishy tasting things, I'm a vegetarian now but when I ate fish as a kid it always tasted, "off" except for salmon for some reason, and people tell me seaweed tastes nice and has an umami flavour but when I eat it it just tastes like off fish. Even if there's only a tiny amount in in something I can taste it which is annoying since it seems to be becoming a popular ingredient nowadays.

  27. If it’s been fried half to death, it’s tolerable. If not, it has the same “rotting urine” taste as fish.

  28. I never understand why people lie about these things I expect you've not held a fish let alone smelt one live.

  29. I have several as pets. Why do you insist I am lying about how my own sense of smell works?

  30. I know exactly where mine is. It's in my mum's house.

  31. You know you can just order a new one, right?

  32. Anyone know what the benefit of enabling 6G is?

  33. It looks pretty in the controller interface.

  34. And causes your friendly local asthmatic (me) to go into anaphylactic shock.

  35. The power went off a lot. The food was rubbish. The decor was worse. Everyone smoked everywhere and cars frequently broke down. You had 3 TV channels but one of them was only on for a few hours a day.

  36. Wrong. Please see my response to Sarah including an article from IEEE.

  37. That article is paywalled. The abstract, which one can see without the paywall, doesn’t say what you claim.

  38. Yes. You have to be a member of IEEE. They use “mesh” abstracted from the backhaul architecture. You can have Ethernet, wifi (any of the various protocols), or any other wired backhaul architecture. The backhaul refers to the child to parent communication.

  39. So, let’s get this straight, what you’re calling a “mesh” in this instance, is what the rest of us call, “an Ethernet switch”?

  40. H2 antagonists, PPIs for over a decade, dietary modification, gaviscon advance. Endoscopy was clear.

  41. Nah, alphabet should be latin. It should be taught (edited cuz I don't know how to soeak English) mainly in Europe. Also, easy pronunciation, no exemption, words derived from latin, slavic and germanic languages with a easy grammar. No verb conjugation. But I support learning most of the languages in the EU. Listen to me even if it's crazy. Make kids age 0-2 listen to television in all the different languages. Maybe not all, but at least 3-4, so they start by knowing mother tongue, italian, french, german, polish and english. You could drop french or italian but... Than in elementary school they should cement all these languages to at least an A2-B1 level and start teaching languages like serbian-croatian and spanish. And then maybe swedish and dutch in middle school. In high school maybe get all to a B1-B2 level and maybe learn something like lithuanian and Norwegian. Note that I am just saying some random language and thry should be adapted to have different percourses based on your country. Also, I don't know much about foreign languages, As I have a over A2 level only in French and English. And Italian btw. Probably an A1 in swedish, but not sure at all

  42. What do you think about English but with our characteristics? English without perfect pronunciations.

  43. There’s English as used as a lingua franca, she then English as used by educated native speakers. The first may be easy. The second can be utterly terrifying.

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