1. How does your hospital hire interpreters? Is there an agency they use?

  2. Any HCPs here who switched careers into medicine? My neuro got his first degree in sociology then switched to medicine. Anyone else have a similar path?

  3. Are there any physicians who care about THC use? I disclosed my use when a psychiatrist asked me about drug use and he busted out laughing. He was more concerned with injectable drugs.

  4. I interpret French at local hospitals and for other services like police. II don’t live in DC thou.

  5. My draw towards DC is the walkability and culture. French is a whole beast

  6. Your post lacks details but if they did release your medical information to another person or entity without your approval, my wife (who works an administrative job in medicine) says you have a case against them.

  7. I'd primarily like to go after the person who received my private info and used them against me, but I'd like for the hospital to be more wary about giving out portal login details. Not sure who to contact for advice nor representation.

  8. I called the hospital today and spoke with the medical records department. They gave someone else else access to my patient portal and that's how the info was stolen. Not sure if that makes a difference.

  9. The prof might have you two submit separate projects and hers will show to not work. You could for sure report to the prof but be prepared to code a project solo.

  10. Do you know any nurses with neurological conditions? I'm interested in studying nursing or medicine but I'm afraid I'll fail because I have an immuno-neuro condition.

  11. Is it common for doctors to experiment on their patients? I've had one doctor order unnecessary bloodwork because she wanted to use my blood sample for her case study. I have another doctor who doesn't seem to be ordering the treatment I've been recommended by other doctors. His alternative options have failed every time.

  12. If you doctors have completed the SSA form 787, not much else will be asked except address and bank info

  13. They’re going to make me do a phone interview as well. But nobody is around who can do it so I have to wait even longer

  14. Call your local SSA office. That’s what I did and the lady was able to do it over the phone

  15. What types of questions were you asked? I know current events and basic math questions are asked

  16. Someone sent me a chart they found online. I have a bachelors in Spanish with 3 years of experience living in Spain + bilingual research experience. The rate that matched my experience was $30. I get lots of people telling me it’s too much though

  17. I have fifteen years of experience as a language teacher and I started charging $40/h as of late. No shortage of clients so far. So I really don’t think it’s too much. $30, I mean.

  18. The problem is you were trying to find them, the real subs find you.

  19. NAD just jumping in on the MS idea: I have lesions on my brain. Doctors originally diagnosed me with MS. My neurologist is an MS specialist and says I have ADEM instead. I guess lesions are seen with more than 1 demyelinating disease

  20. I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

  21. I’ve been made my own payee at least on a temporary basis. I have a phone interview scheduled to try to become my own payee permanently. Only thing I’m worried about is I’ve read SSA will ask about recent events in the news. The recent event right now is the Idaho standings and I had a friend who was stabbed to death

  22. Make sure to explain that part about "Nmom invited herself into my neurology appointments and I was too scared to speak. So he checked the box saying I needed a representative payee." If you've worked on being able to speak up for yourself in therapy since, mention that as well. Maybe get your therapist's advice on how to phrase this. You not being your own payee was a misunderstanding based on an abuser being present during the appointment, and not due to any incompetence on your part. Trauma sometimes causes temporary loss of speech, or a freeze response in high stress situations when a victim is in the presence of an abuser.

  23. I see a psychiatrist (who was one of the doctors who wrote in that I could handle my own benefits). I guess I’ll have to check in with him

  24. In the case of my Nmom she has my dad to clean up her mess every time. I grew up with her calling him abusive names behind his back but in the year 2023 he’s still cleaning up her messes.

  25. I’ve had a psychological disability since I was 8 (major depression) and started taking meds in college. My little cousin heard the rattling of pill bottles in my purse and asked why I had so many meds. Our other cousin is diabetic so I just told her that just like ____ has to take medicine to feel normal, I have to do the same.

  26. Que es una institución muy opresiva. Tengo amiga que es testiga jehova y he visto el abuso que ella ha sufrido por la institución. Hay un series en Netflix se llama “Cults and extreme beliefs” (podéis verlo con subtítulos en español). Os recomiendo verlo

  27. Parentefied me. My (half)sister was attacked by her dad. I was expected to become her therapist. My brother has difficulties from birth complications. Nmom “homeschooled” (more of unschooled) us and I was expected to be his tutor. Edad used me as a free therapist.

  28. My Nmom is determined to have me locked up because I’ve shared her abuse with my medical care team

  29. I’m physically disabled. I was forced back to my Edad’s house. I had a friend come get me to take me somewhere safe. My parents had me 5150d. I got tracked down by the police and handcuffed. The hospital realized I wasn’t suicidal nor homicidal and I got let go. Part of my care is seeing a psychiatrist. I told him the story and he informed me that’s actually abuse.

  30. I’m from the US too. I lived in Spain for about 3 years as an auxiliar de conversación. Every young roommate I had smoked. One of them was a nurse too

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