1. Thanks for the info. I’ve been told that it can be arranged but I don’t know how. Like who would I even call to ask 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. I just called he number on the back of my card and told them I needed medical transport. It just has to be scheduled 48 hours in advance

  3. I had one of my parents get pissed that attention was on me and not them at my graduation

  4. In my house it was more about being sent off somewhere. My sister was always being threatened with a group home and for me it was the mental hospital

  5. If you feel you are capable, and do not want to have your doctor fill out the SSA-787, you can visit the office or have a phone interview to see if you are now capable. Can you show competency in how to pay bills, how to buy food, pay other bills? In the past that was in question, but circumstances may have changed. SSA has to document what has changed and that a thorough review was done!

  6. I have no problem asking my doctors to fill it out, but they’re spooked to get involved with SSA. I have some hope for when I see a psychiatrist. I spoke to someone at SSA and explained what’s going on and she encouraged me to get my current payee off my checks. I just need to know how to do that

  7. Your doctors are “spooked” to get involved with SSA? Their involvement would only entail answering 8 questions on a written form. If my doctor couldn’t be bothered to do that for me, I would definitely consider finding a new doctor…

  8. My PCP seems too afraid to treat me because I have an autoimmune disorder. I might have to replace at least her

  9. I’m with my dying grandparents now. She’s my disability representative payee but kicked me out. So that’s another beast I have to tackle

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