1. what amazes me the most is that my man Thor hit Jormi so hard he made him go back in time

  2. But somehow, Thor failed to summon this space-time warping power when fighting Kratos, who he probably hated more than some random large snake.

  3. That could be for amputees or something.

  4. That tongue do be working overtime doe.

  5. I’m on my 3rd play through and this time on GMGOW. Haha let me see how I finish this!

  6. Don’t waste vegetables, I’m right here.

  7. Oh good, it now has no character and looks like ass, bravo.

  8. There’s at least a small chance Thor and Atreus are related by way of them both being part Giant, right?

  9. She’s a right c*nt, but gotta give some credit for owning up when faced with facts. She could very well have doubled down and driven away sounding like a tool the entire time.

  10. Prime contender for receiving the Lego Tallneck for a birthday or something, if you’re able to find/afford it.

  11. My first instinct if they don't work is to blow in the cartridge, then if that doesn't work I clean the contacts with IPA and a q-tip. Usually gets the job done.

  12. This worked for me with 3 GBA carts that I’d not used for a while. Before the IPA cleaning, the Nintendo logo, on start up, would either not show up or have strange glyphs around it. Wiping the contacts on the carts with a q-tip dipped in IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) fixed it.

  13. This is really cool! How long does an etching like this take?

  14. Polar opposite reactions from the bongo recipients.

  15. They’re usually already on edge, better not give them reason to attack you, and it’s also illegal.

  16. This is one of those rare occasions where a red circle might have been useful.

  17. I’m pretty sure I’ve read at least one Goosebumps book that had an ending like this.

  18. Someone tell Toyota that it would be faster if they replaced the engine.

  19. I wonder why the pitch of her voice, when speaking Japanese, seems higher than when she speaks English.

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