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  1. Yeah. It was surprising. I also had night sweats and weight loss.

  2. Fuck you honestly, you are a shit person. If you knew it was done in your head you should if ended it immediately, these kinks are cool for u reddit queers but you obviously haven’t felt the emotional hurt if being cheated on by someone you trust. I’m happy your proud of fucking someone’s mental state if just coz some reddit virgins think it’s hot

  3. Yea I think ngannou would have to finish him in round 1 after Jones gets a feel for you it’s over

  4. His last fights are not a testament to that. We need to start realising Jon may be past his prime, I mean he hit it 10 years ago (fighting prime)

  5. This right here. Hard cycle to break out of. Especially when he is constantly surrounded by people who will boost his ego. Any normal healthy person would eventually start to think their shit doesn’t stink after years of being on top. I do hope he snaps out of it and grows up before he does something truly ruining to himself or family.

  6. You want to join a telegram where he just said there was children posted? That’s disgusting man

  7. Dan Hooker wants to respect his teammate Izzy. Izzy doesn't want his two brothers fighting at 170 in Kamaru Usman so he refuses to move up to 170.

  8. Not true at all lmao, Dan was at 155 with riddel and moved down to 145 where volk and Shane young are.

  9. Considering most of your posts are about video games I doubt you have ever got your dick sucked by 3 girls at once in a club lol

  10. They must not be very good since he doesn’t have a hard cock

  11. U ever try have a hard on while drunk and on coke?

  12. I did. He said he knew his limits. So sad. Such a good, genuine dude. Again we don’t know for sure what happened if/when their family releases an autopsy report. I’m sure they won’t. It’s so tragic for his family. Young dude

  13. Bro you’re the dude that was roasting me for liking peep on here a while back ..

  14. Yeah man I’m glad you see how talented Peep was now I didn’t see it at first back in 2016 I thought he was bad until I heard awful things right before he died in 2017

  15. Listening to his Atlanta performance of starshopping still brings a tear to my eye this day. If you haven’t seen it check it out, or if u have watch again because it’s the most beautiful live performance I’ve ever seen

  16. Poirier after the fight said it was not Khabib's strength which caused problems but his knowledge of balance and control which caused issues for Poirier.

  17. That’s probably ego too, no way Dustin wanted to admit khabib is way stronger then him

  18. Lol… I’d rather admit to someone being stronger the saying someone is just better.

  19. It’s common knowledge khabib is a better grappler

  20. Anyone else as soon as they try sleep just start scratching even though your not itchy?

  21. Oh wtf it’s not real, your a writer smh. Should of known when you referred to acid as pills

  22. I could only dream of getting that much sleep. Only thing that can put me out is blacking out from alcohol

  23. How hard is it to put shorts on. Man I swear 90% of the bodybuilding community is kinda gay

  24. Maintain your current weight and get in the gym. Eat high protein, and your body will naturally gain muscle and recomp into lower body fat

  25. I’m not sure can’t wait for him to release his next album though only just discovered him and I love the music

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