1. Nathan I appreciate your posts and knowledge, it is your opinion, no one should harass you for that. You are trying to help us.. The world is full of negative people, it is what it is unfortunately. Please know you are appreciated..

  2. Thanks guys, it is appreciated we definitely have some homework

  3. Comany is con edison not sure if that makes a difference

  4. It is for my dad I wish I was retiring, he has about 200,000 in 401k. Thanks so much

  5. What do you think is the best index fund deal right now?

  6. Nice write up nathan i appreciate your honesty, the truth sets us free

  7. Looks promising thanks for sharing, i see two tickers for this company. What is the deal with that?

  8. allset in other areas, wanted some advice regarding my roth have some in there want to put more all else is fine..

  9. Yes I am on track, would like to build up some more assets

  10. Awsome thank you, your input is appreciated. What is your opinion on the best etf that is a great buy right now for my Roth IRA ? Voo, etc..

  11. Thank you great video, you are a good teacher..

  12. Thank you never traded options yet, will have to learn

  13. Good morning all what do you think of Alibaba at this price?

  14. may get into TTLHF - Helium - dip

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