1. Could you do a job that pays the bill and enjoy theology as a hobby or side job?

  2. The polar bear population in this article is but a single subpopulation of the total 19 that exist. Numbers continue to decline for this subpopulation while others are stable, and some are even increasing in number; however, the long term trend (even for those currently experiencing a growing population) is for an eventual greatly reduced population. Here's a recent, informative and interactive article:

  3. Even if it's just one group it's crazy that they should suffer needlessh because of something that isn't their fault

  4. So this means half the Morrocan team should play for France yes?

  5. this is really pathetic and rude of the other 'parents'

  6. Kids are not as expensive as the secular world pretends they are. You don’t need fancy vacations, travel sports teams, etc. When we had our third, we moved to a diocese where every kid after #3 goes to Catholic school for free. And a year of schooling is less than $3k. And even less depending on income. People here can easily afford 5-6 kids on a single income

  7. Have extracurricular activities is important for well rounded children

  8. Well that's funny because all those people who lived under torment never got a chance to move on

  9. He absolutely should have, because he wanted to. Catholic funeral is not a religious ceremony. It's simply funeral + praying over the body, which you can so without the funeral. The only thing you get out of it being Catholic is that you're buried in blessed land and priest throws blessed dirt at you. It has nothing to do with the dead and everything to do with the people left behind getting together and praying for their close one.

  10. How can a country bomb a foreign countrys airport??

  11. jokes on them, i'd be down to try them but i'm deathly allergic

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