They want you to feel like $25 is high. They want you feel like $30 is high. They've pummeled us for so long that they're banking on you to get tired and irrational. $30=$120 and $120 is fucking bullshit. A one-week pump isn't good enough anymore. I'm holding for a Tesla-like infinity squeeze.

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  1. Alright if marketwatch is pumping this shit, dip tomorrow, probably.

  2. Gamestop would probably do a stock split just to keep the price down lol.

  3. 100% they would issue more and dilute at this level…it would make the company hundreds of billions they could acquire EA sports lmao

  4. I'm pretty sure you're downvoted, because a majority of people believe in Ryan Cohen and Gamestop to not dilute the shares of the company to squeeze the short hedge funds to kingdom come. But honestly "we" don't control what they do, there's an element of faith in that we are aligned with a common enemy(s). I just have opinions and perspectives. "Not financial advice". =]

  5. Short hedgies need more ideas in the idea basket to continue shorting.

  6. Hedgies just digging their grave deeper after there bailout.

  7. Its telling when your not even creative enough to foment or shill.

  8. Some people are going to regret documenting their entire life lol.

  9. Does it keep you up at night if you park it in a shady part of town and it might get scratch?

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