1. The best local Barber is cash only and there are no ATMs anywhere close by, but the computer shop is bank transfer only. Something dodgy there or he is just waiting to get ripped off

  2. you can buy “good looking” tarps, they have patterns, and are generally waterproof. It’s not “plastic” tarp material, it’s almost got like a ‘denim’ feel to it. High quality stuff. High quality price tag too. But saves you on wood, metal, screw, panels, and much more legal too. Easier to attach to roof and fence as well ✅

  3. Cheers, yeah just looked up Coolaroo, might do the trick untill I have more time

  4. Never heard of it and im an aussie like yourself OP. I know of net+ and sec+ individually and i highly recommend self study for them.

  5. Cheers, yeah I brought the study guide for Security+ so I was going to do it anyway, will check that roadmap when I get a chance

  6. I want this in fish scales. I made a mould using a dragon toy but think it could be better

  7. We had an 90 year old living next to us who then went to live with her daughter and the house sat vacant for two years. When it came up for sale, it was never advertised or listed the real estate agent made a deal with an investor and low balled the daughter.

  8. I worked construction on a large hospital once that had two separate fuel tanks that could power their generators for 96 hours each (so a total of 8 days). I'm not sure if that's an industry standard, but I would imagine much beyond 8 days and critical infrastructure would start running out of options for emergency power. Lots of other factors to consider but that would probably be about the time when you see things start to shut down.

  9. It would be interesting to know how often the maintenance is conducted and back up system tested. Are there spares and the skills to repair. I have worked on ship born system and its take so much work to keep the systems running even in normal operation

  10. You say that and yet there was an experiment done by the DOE and government that pretty much killed a generator mechanically.

  11. Have a look at stuxnet worm. Broke Iranian nuclear enrichment equipment

  12. Can appreciate he didn't try to play it like he wasn't worth millions upon millions. Whereas there's other politicians worth millions - maybe not with a Point Piper mansion - but will pretend they're salt of the earth, average working class Australian.

  13. It would be awesome to get some short stories about them. Especially since they were involved in Octarius against Leviathan.

  14. I was really hoping and expecting something in the Octarius war zone but it was all about black Templars and they made their cover purple

  15. I had a similar thing happen. Recruiter reached out about a contract job. When I asked for a job description they sent through my job description. It was for a different project, but exactly same job and company by at least 30k more than I am on.

  16. No unfortunately not, but that was mostly around timing issues trying fit around my wife's schedule. One of my mates who left like a month before to be an apprentice tattoo artist did return for it though

  17. I have done the same and put leds inside. Unfortunately it's nowhere as good, too many bubbles. Did you use a pressure pot?

  18. Personally, instead of sending Wilford off, I would have just used that light train as a scout to see if it was warm. Surely they could send one person on a scout run check it out and the train loop back with in 6 months

  19. I don't get why Javi changed his mind to join Layton suddenly? Did I miss that explanation or just lazy writing?

  20. I am sick of watching you tube clips that say the ways to make passive income is

  21. Grays Online, an Australian auctioneer platform. The liquidated company was luckily in the same city - Brisbane. They're not into the shipping game, so they leave that up to the winner to arrange in short, reasonable time frame.

  22. That's great mate, never seen racks on greys online. I got a 26u rack I think and cisco router and another device for WAN phones for $200. Worth $2000 all new. Similar a company dissolved but the office manager had all the stuff in her house and we helped her move.

  23. For controlling lights you don’t need to separate your accounts. Just add the echo with your info and she can change the lights just fine.

  24. Cheers, the main reason is for her Spotify account. But I thought of I put it in the same room then she can listen and control the lights from her office with out yelling a cross the hall.

  25. Use dimmable lights, backlit keyboard and large monitor as others said. After transplant, while the eye settles, too much light could be an issue. So, dimmable is good. In my family room and office, I put dimmable lights - just fyi about possible things to change in the house.

  26. Did you use smart lights and if so what brand. I am trying to decide if I sound just use the cheap local brand that I already have some smart power boards running my Christmas lights or go all in on Phillip hue.

  27. I have to agree with others, backlit keyboards are a godsend. I have this one:

  28. Thanks for that. I looked at them and they looked great especially the water proof one as my top of the line gaming keyboard drowned in a sea of coffee while I was on the road.

  29. You might want to consider a different location and or active cooling solution. Insulation won't help much if the air going in is 42°C. My personal limit for ambient temperature is 30°C anything above that is very much taking it's toll on the devices.

  30. Cheers for that, forgot about condensation. 30 degrees is a good bench mark. Wanted to rebuild a lean to shed on the southern side of the house so that might be the best option

  31. Have you ever employed sub contractors to handle any coding you can't handle. I am looking at setting up a LLC to handle a mates blog but had a number of people ask hey can you do this.

  32. I'm turning 29 this year. At 25 I blew all my money while I was in the army and was eating rat packs at night (ration packs) because I couldn't afford dinner. These mistakes enabled me to change my behaviour about money and to make better life choices.

  33. Same here but I am 35 and was in the Navy. Could have saved so much money. Now I work part time while caring for my kids and retraining. I am trying to get more financially responsible now but don't have the same capital. If I was OP I would buy ETF, find a good mentor, read books, I like rich Dad poor day, bare foot investor etc. But you bring up good points, my wife was good with her money and traveled the world. So did I just only ever saw bars.

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