A Ukrainian drone dropping a munition on two Russian soldiers doing illicit activities. 03.10.2022. (Reupload)

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  1. There's no cut, the camera just lags when quickly zooming in.

  2. No, just watch it slowly, the dude was blown to the right by the grenade and rolled to the left afterward. That's why he looks to be in a different position.

  3. Don't ask me, I'm just a dude getting buried in down votes because I questioned something I found on the internet.

  4. Every single one of your dumbass questions was answered yet you still insist on leaving your comment up and not accepting that you're wrong.

  5. Well the footage is filmed with any camera movement, even a drone or heli will have some kind of movement, it won't hold completely still.

  6. The drone recording this is a dji mavic 3t, which has a stabilized camera, so the view will stay still no matter what. That's how stabilization works.

  7. You can clearly see white bands around his legs, there's no question whether he is Russian or not.

  8. Here's a list of the other drone videos for those who think its a repost:

  9. Good on you for pointing this out, because I totally had it confused with

  10. I have a good overview of the videos I have posted, like the one this looks very similar to, but I could smell the comments from a mile away.

  11. Sorry my ignorance, who's who there?

  12. You're only seeing Russians in the video

  13. Repost of an older better quality video

  14. Sometimes I wonder how the Ukrainians are getting such high vehicle kill numbers, then I remember that like 75% of drone footage released is of a drone further destroying an already knocked out vehicle. Vehicle gets knocked out and abandoned, that’s 1 vehicle kill. Drone drops grenade on knocked out vehicle, that’s 2 vehicle kills of the same killed vehicle.

  15. That's not how destroyed equipment is documented, every vehicle is identified and has pictures or videos of it so seen from a different angle it can be recognized and not added as a new vehicle.

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