Child labor laws repealed in Arkansas

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  1. After working in a state park I can confirm most people think most snakes are copperheads.

  2. Found the turtle in orange county california

  3. Just a heads up, if it’s a native species it’s likely illegal for you to keep it. I would do some research online and find an appropriate place to release it

  4. There was some type of sale yesterday that I noticed last night, and there were about 8 seats in the first 4 rows available. They probably opened up a few sections for their own "Platinum members" sale. Really curious to see what's available now!

  5. There was a Heimr presale too—I got some through that and it looks like they were the same price as today

  6. I have the tc electronic hall of fame and jonsi designed a preset for it that sounds about perfect. I haven’t tried it with a bow yet but I have no doubt it’ll sound like the real deal

  7. I think it is a good suit, but to me it looks like a fold on the right upper leg as it moves. Such as the material creasing slightly.

  8. It’s very good: the first time I saw this stabilized it seemed very uncanny and I think it’s because the butt is solid and doesn’t move at all but the leg looks like a natural human leg, maybe painted or coated in something. There’s definitely a line in between there but the fur texture looks amazingly uniform. It just looks like a very good, well thought out hoax.

  9. Oh my god I don’t even want to say how long I was staring at the area around the mouse looking for something

  10. The straeto bus system can take you across the country, so if you work around their timetable that’s your best option

  11. I knew a guy who put snakes in his walls on purpose to control rodents so…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. As everyone else has said this species is harmless

  12. That sounds like a lot of artistic interpretation haha

  13. Everyone is already saying what I’m gonna say so this is just petty but these are truly awful. If it’s raining at night the reflection is so bad that I can’t see lines on the road when these cars are around me, let alone pedestrians. They need to be reigned in legally and fast

  14. Boston fits the bill but the skiing is different than out west. Still a big skiing culture here and many places to go in neighboring states within 2 hours

  15. Just got this today! I sent a response through my website and not my email thankfully—thought the wording was strange and the first thing they said was they were hearing impaired (fine but a strange thing to open with….made me think they didn’t want call or zoom) and offered a LOT of money for the time it would take. I know this is an old thread but they’re still doing this!

  16. Also Kjartans solo work—look up Credo by him Edit: also his opera that starts with “Der Klang”

  17. Well yes, but the same is also true of people sharing almost any art here. Very rarely the intent behind sharing it to be part of an actual, tangible blueprint of the future. It's being shared because of the aesthetic. But aesthetics are also important. An aesthetic is one part of the overall narrative we want to tell and, more importantly, create. Not everything needs to be strictly utilitarian, and I think it's actually good to have hopeful and aspirational art to remind us of what we're fighting for.

  18. I think philosophically it’s interesting to think of these AI images as one artwork, as it was a system created by teams of humans that congealed images into being from a vast library. I can appreciate that, as many conceptual artists like Sol Lewitt created blueprints for others to execute. I think in a tenuous way this is kind of the same thing. But when a person makes a drawing , they are projecting their concept directly, or as directly as they can, and through that process find its flaws, strengths, and details. They do this simply by the act of drawing. When someone creates an AI image, the mechanism is playing telephone with a suggestion a few words long, and giving you an impression of what it thinks you think, and on a philosophical level I think that could lead to some damaging consequences

  19. As an illustrator, AI “art” is extremely un-solarpunk and it’s very disheartening that a lot of solarpunk folks are latching onto it (especially on tiktok.) The existence of Ai imagery is just a capitalist’s wet dream.

  20. I’m an illustrator too hence my salty tone haha It’s true—it’s without substance. AI is very useful and we use it every day. Just not for this

  21. When I lived in western New York I witnessed a super flock of crows in the thousands roost in the hills during winter. It looked like the trees grew black leaves

  22. For what it’s worth, ALL eastern coyotes have wolf dna—as eastern wolves were decimated, western coyotes moved in and the few remaining eastern wolves interbred with them, making the eastern coyote larger and more wolf like. Some populations more so than others.


  24. The “how are you doing” thing is a good tip. In the USA it’s a pretty automatic greeting although I usually don’t expect anyone to give me a full honest answer haha

  25. Hello! Is this to get to NES by any chance? I’m just about to leave :) When we took the bus it made two stops, one a 5 minute one and then a 30 minute lunch break. Both stops are at gas stations with bathrooms etc. The first stop was just enough time for a quick bathroom break. Hope that helps!

  26. Also—did you take the 9am bus? I’m finding some conflicting info on when the 57 arrives in Reykjavik

  27. Hello! Yes I am! So glad to hear from someone who made the trip. Thanks for the info—hope you have a great time!

  28. Massachusetts is heaven. Nordic quality of life, but in the USA.

  29. I just finished my first year living here and I’m having a hard time picturing living anywhere else. Tons of museums, things to do, like minded people and natural wonders an hour in any direction. But MAN Is it expensive. I’ve made more money than I’ve ever made and still can’t dream of getting a house within an hour of Boston, but out west it’s beautiful and more affordable

  30. Looked it up on all trails—seems exactly like the landscape I’m looking for. Thanks!

  31. Not sure it counts as hiking but the dryjolaeys were great to see and are near Skogafoss, and the downed dc3 not far from that on the beach

  32. I had my eye on the plane wreck—it looks surreal. Thanks!

  33. Looks like a small bullhead or Madtom, both catfish

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