1. Coolest thing Kobe ever did was in Colorado. Look up Kobe Bryant Colorado to learn more!!

  2. Put $5k of your winnings on the Lions to win the Super Bowl next year and you’ll be RICH!! Happy birthday!

  3. Lets not act like there’s a serious debate to be had here lol

  4. this isn’t what people (or, people other than trolls on twitter) were critiquing. nobody was saying “mr beast bad,” they were saying “the system that creates this problem to begin with, which can only be solved by someone choosing to be generous just because, is bad”. holy shit

  5. I just want to see the results but I don’t want to mess with the poll

  6. I just finished Persona 5 Royal for the first time and it was incredible!! Suppeerrrr long but a fun game overall, gonna play through it again and skip the text to unlock the content I missed in my first play through

  7. Change the faygo to cream soda and then you’d have a good flag

  8. Maybe I’m not a true Michigander but I never really liked Rock & Rye. Then again I haven’t tried it since I was like 13 so maybe my tastes changed

  9. I originally picked up Ness because he was a relatively easy character and good online but now I still play him because he’s actually a really cool in depth character with a good combo game and I don’t care that people don’t like to play against him

  10. Except lions fans don’t act like it’s “their year” every year lol… we know when we suck


  12. Seems like you have these pretty clearly ranked out. What are your top 10 all-time if I may ask?

  13. If Rodgers attempts this throw it floats 7 yards short and gets picked off and then he screams at his receiver

  14. If Rodgers attempts this throw we all know it would be caught in the end zone… BY KERBY JOSEPH FOR THE TOUCHBACK

  15. If Rodgers made this throw they’d still be showing it nonstop every day on ESPN 😂😂

  16. Yeah like if Fantano is gonna say that Circles is an 8, then Swimming should be at least an 8.

  17. “Those kids got cancer. They don’t give a fuck!” is still my favorite out of context line from Jamaal this season.

  18. I believe we were 3-27 in the last 30 before this game at Lambeau… put some respect on our name 😤

  19. Didn’t someone say a high school as well? Deshaun Elliot maybe

  20. A couple of players said their high schools and a few even said theyre elementary schools if I remember correctly

  21. It sounds like Jerry Jacobs said "Harvard", but he went to Arkansas

  22. Yeah I cracked up at that lol. We seem to have a lot of comedians on our team 🤣

  23. I tried to apply by scanning the QR code in the STEM building but the QR code didn’t even work 🤣 thanks for this

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