1. I've seen normal range on tests quoted at 25-70 and 15-50 ng/dl. 52 is certainly on the high side, however you're in what I call the range of normal.

  2. 4 mg weekly is a pretty low starting point. My Endo is comfortable with my E anywhere under 300, so long as my liver function screen comes back without flags.

  3. I'd start by applying Hanlon's razor here - "never ascribe to malice, anything that can be explained by ignorance". Mention to her that you do not go by your deadname.

  4. I had a university job in a blue state that mandates trans healthcare be covered.

  5. Considering the out of power party in the US virtually always takes a bath in the midterm elections, so far it's going a lot better than I'd feared.

  6. If you have days below 50, yeah it's too late for formic. Also, is that bee an isolated instance? Have you taken a mite count?

  7. Fret buzz, check levels and check the neck relief.

  8. I'd be quite pleased to see lots of men who don't care about their partners enough to get themselves to the polls find themselves dumped.

  9. What is with tonight? I'd dump this person unless they have an extraordinary explanation.

  10. I would hear explanations, however even a BFF would have to find someone new to date.

  11. 🫂 all best wishes, we all know hard times. I wish there were magic bullets to fix this.

  12. Sublingual works better, and minimize drinking during?

  13. Building an amp circuit is honestly more about laying out the circuit board, and drilling all the holes for wiring. Soldering large through hole components is honestly easier than tiny circuit boards.

  14. No promises on size of course, and some people say that you'll get greater overall breast growth if you wait a year after you start estrogen to start your progesterone.

  15. my doctor, she said ive had more growth than normal for trans woman, like all i want is them is to not be pointy lol ive been 3 months hrt.

  16. Moar power to ya! Pointy is biology, it's what cis women experience too.

  17. Fear of missing out is one of the big problems of social media.

  18. I just finished the book series. Great idea thanks for the recommendation. And I appreciate the differences between the series and the show. To me Villanelle seemed less charming, and more demonstrative of psychopathic traits, while Eve was a little too desperate at times, and cringy. But that’s ok! I was happy to be reading about familiar characters I kinda missed. And they’re different enough that I can separate the book from the show and have independent feelings towards both. It was also nice to sit with the ending :)

  19. p.s. in your OP, you asked how we processed the finale.

  20. I agree that Villanelle sleeping around in and on itself isn't surprising. However, apart from that that one dude in season one Villanelle has shown a preference for woman. Therefore I've always imagined her as a lesbian. Also, reading about sex repulses me, especially when it's between a man and possible lesbian.

  21. Break off all contact, and if possible warn whoever he sets his sights on next.

  22. People who saw me every day didn't really notice change, and this was true for me too.

  23. Before the human genome had been sequenced, the best standing theory (with plenty of evidence) was that a maternal hormonal imbalance resulted in different brain function, expressed in the 2nd trimester.

  24. Tons of honey and pollen. There’s well over 20 pounds of capped honey spread across 30 frames.

  25. 20 lbs is 2½ deep frames full of honey, that's not my idea of "tons" in a 30 frame hive.

  26. You want to be spoken to with civility, and level headed, well reasoned discussion. When your opening point is to redefine the term "pro choice" to favor your argument? Uh huh.

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