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  1. just recently learned those “creamers” are mostly vegetable oil, thanks nestle 🤢

  2. He is so amazing! I once got the treasured compliment of, "Hey! You look like a female David Bowie!" I was in my best 70s drip that day, so I guess it had influence! 🆒

  3. For me it’s Under the dome. It’s a very good book but not for me. It was too many different stories going on at the same time, I got bored of it fast. Plus it’s such a hard read, I have attempted to read it a few times but only lasted till the 10/ 20th page

  4. Damn it's one of my faves! I love the human drama parts of his books, even more than the fantasy action

  5. Cookie tin? It’s good to keep these tins just in case cuz I’m making cookies for my friend and I’ve realised now that since I didn’t keep any of mine, I have to get a new one

  6. Book. The movie is amazing on its own, but it’s not a perfect adaptation. They did Jack dirty

  7. I always tell people, reading this as a teen it was really confusing. Like the guy was warned how many times. Why would he do that, makes no sense. Now as an adult with 2 kids. Absolutely get it. I would do the same.

  8. Same, when I read it a few years ago it didn’t feel t scary then so I’ll have to re read it sometime soon

  9. Recipe Includes : Sardines, Peas, Green Olives, Carrots, Kiwi, Lime jello, a fruit cup, and a can of Easy Cheese!

  10. just like when Florida decided a 16-year-old was

  11. Yh it’s why I don’t spend money at my college, only at the vending machines if I’m rlly hungry. It’s hella overpriced

  12. Wait so that individual shark is 80 millions years old or is that how long the species as a whole has been alive for?

  13. That’s gonna be rlly useful if there’s someone dangerous in ur home tho. Why not put some bottles of water down there?

  14. My worst fear right now. I live near 2 intersections that are notorious for people running red lights. I've personally seen it happen twice at one and once at the other in the last 2 months. Countless times in my 12 years here. When I walk my baby I wait till everyone is completely stopped before stepping out, at every cross walk. And I look both ways the whole time I cross.

  15. The infant sustained no serious injuries.

  16. Are you sure? Phew that is such a relief, I was sure that the poor baby wouldn’t have survived that

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