1. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck can't chuck wood?

  2. Have you checked the power draw on your GPU? Hwinfo / sensors tab and leave runningnin background while gaming. Or use msiafterburner to look power draw on realtime.

  3. Yeah found something interesting with your suggestion.

  4. What about CPU load/temperature? I have similar laptop (with 3070 graphics though) and GPU power draw in games is 120-130 under normal conditions.

  5. I usually ensure that load is not something of concern. Usually, I will only have my game open running and nothing else that is intensive.

  6. If you are paranoid about scratches, I would not trust it. If velcro hooks themselves don't scratch, velcro contraptions may trap sand particles or other granules that may.

  7. Waving hi to people you are acquainted with is totally normal, even if you don't know them super well.

  8. Ah. Ok. Situation A feels better to conquer. When it comes to silence, would dragging it out lead to one being uncomfortable or such? Like nothing has been said for a really long time (like walking from destination A to B without saying a word, or waiting in line without saying anything)

  9. Silence is fine. If you want to say something or have something you'd like to say or talk about, go for it, but no need to force conversation. Sometimes I will use a break in conversation to ask people about their conversation preferences, are they comfortable with silence, or do they prefer I make small talk, and if they would rather get small talk, then they are getting a random science fact or something.

  10. Just add the amount you need to pay yourself now!

  11. I just switched from a sama IM01, I loved it so much but I couldn't live with it, I switched to a bigger case because of the connections at the bottom of the mobo not allowing me have fans on the bottom.

  12. Would you think that slim fans will work, or is it better to commit to ITX + SFF components?

  13. It's gonna depend on your motherboard. I have an asus tuf gaming b560m board and I was able to squeeze the fans against some of the front panel connectors. I would recommend getting slim fans like space_alien recommended, just to be extra sure you can fit fans under your gpu.

  14. What I'm somewhat more concerned with the connection with the motherboard (ex. case power button and case USB ports). After looking at some pictures, even with slim fans, I feel like the connections are going to be very rough

  15. i3/i5/i7 is really kind useless since there's been 12 generations of CPUs over the past 14 years using that terminology. A 1st gen i7 is nothing like a 12th gen i7.

  16. How significant are the higher cores and threads for the professional workflow? Like would one choose an old i7 (with more cores) over a modern i3 12100 just because it has more cores?

  17. A 12th gen i3 (4c/8t) will destroy an older i7 (4c/8t) in gaming and professional work.Architectural improvements over many generations have a much bigger impact on overall performance. There is no advantage in owning an old CPU compared to modern cpu. Cores/threads/clock are really only meaningful in comparing CPU performance within the same generation.

  18. Yup, I've been referring to wake on lan. Managed to find it in your Mobo's

  19. Sounds like LG Gram is a perfect line for you. I have one and I love it. I use a Macbook Pro for work, but Gram is just so good for a portability laptop after work.

  20. Hi, can you confirm if the Gram has a glossy display (not anti-glare)?

  21. LG Gram. Ok. Thanks! I will look into that!

  22. I'm in ECE (3rd year) and what you have listed is the basics, you will probably need to occasionally access lab computers remotely for circuit simulations/design software. I would recommend a computer with at least 8GB RAM. I got my current laptop late 2020, and because all of our labs were simulations at the time due to online learning, and the remote lectures, I opted for 16GB, but since moving back to on campus learning that much isn't necessarily needed.

  23. Thank you for the comment and insight!

  24. A Dell XPS is a fantastic computer, if you like it and your only concern is battery, I wouldn't worry.

  25. Good stuff to know! You're starting to sway me away from the MacBook route!

  26. Yup. Praying I can be the lucky few who can switch streams in 1A now...

  27. I have a 9310 with the FHD+ and a Razer Blade 15 4K OLED. I can’t tell the difference between the two when it comes to text on the screen. My 9310 is good for 6+ hours at least; I’ve never run the battery completely dead.

  28. 6 hours sound interesting under the right conditions. Can you give me a little more details?

  29. No real battery optimization, I was curious about longevity. Screen brightness was set to around 50%--the screen is BRIGHT. Workload was basic office tasks; in my case, marking up a PDF and a PPT with one or two browser tabs open.

  30. I see. Thanks for sharing your parameters!

  31. Yea it's likely the OLED screen. I just upgraded from LCD to OLED and I can definitely confirm I have more eye fatigue than before. Especially reading texts on a dark background.

  32. OLEDs are normally the displays that have PWM. UHD+ is IPS which shouldn’t have PWM.

  33. Alright, thanks for the reassurance!

  34. You can use school computers 100% of the time but this means you've got to go to campus. Also at times it's hard to find a spot and you may have to try a few different computer labs before you find one. Some labs smell too.

  35. Ah... I have heard that one can remote control these computers. Do people often do that?

  36. Remote desktop for lab computers has basically been disabled since like February because of in-person labs again, but there is a separate set of computers that are available for remote desktop. Other than doing labs at the specific times in ECE, I don't see a need to use the school computers unless your own computer doesn't work.

  37. How's the battery life on it? I am considering a XPS for university use.

  38. I used the RDP client for macOS at a previous job with an Intel MBP. No problems whatsoever.

  39. Completely forgot about parsec. Thanks for reminding me!

  40. I really wouldn’t call that an Ebike personally. That’s an eScooter or eMoped or something

  41. Yeah I agree. Title calls it an e-bike but it clearly ain't one.

  42. It looks like the Tao Tao's use a small drop-in batteries. Should be pretty similar to replacing just a normal 12v battery, but they're wired in parallel it looks. My guess is the bike is a 48v bike, so be careful when messing with the wiring, it can be dangerous.

  43. Regardless, I suggest checking the local city laws as this stuff depends from city to city. Toronto for example has banned all e-skates. I've heard that cops in Guelph will let you ride an electric bicycle under full electric power only if it also has old-school pedals. Minus the pedals that thing becomes a motorbike and not a bicycle, therefore requires an M license. Check what Waterloo laws say about this.

  44. You need a license for a moped? Also say if you get the M license for a moped, does that mean you also get a motorcycle license?

  45. Moped licenses are called M2, condition L. They're only for speed limited scooters. Can't ride a full out motorcycle with it.

  46. If you're not too picky on specs, Costco often has big sales that beat Dell Direct's pricing. I got my XPS 17 last year for $300 less vs Dell Direct.

  47. Oo. Is this in the states? I live in Canada

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