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  1. s_98 says:

    He's also in the Peter Serfinovicz show, in the acting classes skits (the ones where Peter plays Michael Caine)

  2. s_98 says:

    Bsdk ye indian dank memes hai. Isko madrasi mai change karke re-upload kar bc

  3. muze bhi pehle cringe laga baadme me socha mai bhi to vahi karta hu ....

  4. Isko enlightenment kehte hai na?

  5. We settle for a level of despair we can tolerate and call it happiness.

  6. Saale White knights

  7. My used bullet strat

  8. But which starter did he choose?

  9. Btech from a good college ie NIT. Start studying and you'll be able to achieve this. Best of luck. Don't settle for less (personal experience)

  10. mca from nit would be equivalent to that right? Like i heard bca+mca is equal to a btech degree and the package was something around 10 lpa+ for mca given its nit...i am asking that because u said dont settle for less and like is it really less or not because some say it is and rest say it isnt so i am very confused

  11. I'm not sure but it should be equivalent. Just don't do MCA from a shitty college just for the sake of it. My friend recently interviewed some m tech grads from lpu who had 0 knowledge about coding. Literally not being considered for 3.2 lpa.

  12. s_98 says:

    I once had one stuck in my eye for 3 hours. I was wearing contacts so I couldn't just wash my eyes.

  13. When I was like 12, I had a mosquito's wing stuck in the rim of my eyelid for several weeks before I got the courage to get that thing removed by an eye specialist. The little beast flew straight into my eye and got kinda crushed in there

  14. s_98 says:

    Same happened to me but it got removed with the contact lens.

  15. s_98 says:

    Mine would've died of a heart attack if she had found out about my Muslim ex

  16. if she was a Muslim who dated like that, she must've not been quite the muslim

  17. s_98 says:

    You bend the rules when you're horny for a guitarist

  18. s_98 says:

    Zoomzooms don't torrent smh

  19. s_98 says:

    And always look on the bright side of life

  20. me who has boards day after tomorrow and jee next month:

  21. s_98 says:

    Good luck. Drop for jee instead of going to a shitty college imo

  22. Don't know man. I really don't know is it worth wasting another year. Also my parents are also angsty against it

  23. s_98 says:

    Bhai agar IT mai job karni hai toh manageable hai shitty college se bhi. Otherwise nahi. Mai khud regret karta hu aur ab gate ke liye pad raha hu. IIT is not overrated, it's completely worth it

  24. s_98 says:

    Meme bnana band kar aur geetar bjana shuru kar

  25. s_98 says:

    Kitne minute wait Kiya ye decision lene se pehle?

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