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  1. That would be great but I imagine McGregor if he returns will be a stand alone card. Its hard to make him the main event over Edward's rematch and Ngannou. Lately his cards have been kind of empty because it will sell regardless of who else is on the card. The goosebumps probably come from the idea that the english crowd has a few other local fighters they've been getting behind and the shows there have been really loud and exciting lately. Edward's in his home country with the pimple and meatball on the undercard and you've got a hyped english crowd.

  2. Yh you can’t put mcgregor over a title fight which is why I find it unlikely but I didn’t think about local fighters appearing on the card which would be very cool

  3. I just don't forsee Usman x Edwards 3 as a co main and Ngannou as the third fight. Just seems like a bad business move

  4. Yh more money could probably be made by having the three fights separate but from a fan’s perspective it’s a dream

  5. it’d be very lame if we get ANOTHER serial killer villain after riddler 🫠

  6. I don’t think so I think it all depends on approach if we went a slasher horror movie vibe like professor pyg, clay face or whoever it could work well.

  7. “The shadows betray you because they belong to me” This along with Robs line “but I am the shadows” are just great

  8. I haven’t read much of the comics but I Ngl I think it’d be funny if moon knight could move Thor’s hammer but he could only drag it cuz it’s really heavy

  9. I feel the exact same and is probs my only disappointment of the film. The shot they used in the film is good and shows Bruce as truly heartbroken but in this one I feel the a raw anger that I’d expect from this portrayal

  10. You are being kind of vague, but I know you can't summon near an area where you've beaten the boss.

  11. I assumed that but I keep trying to summon in the magma worm dungeon and it doesn’t work, it worked once and I died then when I try again it doesn’t work

  12. It’s okay, I might leave it for tonight anyway. I’ll add you and maybe try again another day?

  13. I've found the moonlight greatsword far superior in most instances. You get more damage from SNF if you have a slow brute you can get the full blue blast off against, but anything that can move or dodge makes it super weak as it doesnt have nearly the same knock back ability. Generally you'll only get a know back on thing you'll kill in one blast anyway.

  14. For me I’ve found the sweep to be quite good and does a fair bit of damage but ever since the comet has been a big let down and doesn’t do anywhere near as much damage as previously seen, I was wondering whether it’d do a lot more damage if I upgraded it.

  15. I can’t wait for it, I think we could see it immediately in the sequel as well because I believe we could have a massive time skip similar to the apes films.

  16. Happy birthday dude! Just went to see The Batman as it’s my birthday today too 🥳, that signed poster looks dope!

  17. Still stuck on Rom, I hate him. I don’t have the patience for it. I’ve loved every aspect of bloodborne but unfortunately this is what demotivated me to play the game.

  18. This is true when I lay out the plot it isn’t flawless, but I’m yet to finish a script to see how it would read

  19. I’m always thinking about multiple ideas. When I need to focus I will just make a note of the other idea and leave it. That way you still have the idea and it hopefully is no longer bothering you. It usually works.

  20. I always note down ideas but when it gets to the script writing that’s when I fail

  21. I can’t decide if this is my favourite movie, anyone else feel the same? If this is your favourite movie, why is it?

  22. I think Selina will definitely return and I too hope she becomes more of a criminal and becomes a physical and intellectual match for Bruce tricking him and manipulating him to get what she’s wants but feeling guilty as she still loves him. If riddler returns I’d like it to be Bruce going to him for help but that’s just cuz I want more Paul Dano. I’d like Penguin to play a similar role to the movie but with more significance. I don’t think joker will show and personally I’d rather other villains get a chance to shine. Matt Reeves has already hinted at Hugo Strange and Court of Owls, I think it’s time Mr Freeze gets redemption.

  23. Quite surprised that some youtubers give better reviews and analysis than journalists. For example Jeremy Jahn said he would've preferred a playboy Bruce Wayne whereas BBC criticised Pattison's performance calling it "nauseous" and saying it looks like he'd rather be at home then on set

  24. I feel like we could do 4 movies with the last 2 being two parts and adapting death in the family

  25. I don’t see studio madhouse on here, people responsible for some of the greatest. One punch man, deathnote, hxh, no game no life, death parade, parasyte, black lagoon, overlord, monster

  26. Damn! I know France is having a huge premiere on March 1 hopefully the UK has a couple as well

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