1. Yes for sure half a pound will be ok. I did a pound a week before and I gained a lot of fat I wish I would’ve did half a pound a week I would’ve been where I wanted to be instead of going up and down constantly

  2. Yes I got my job at 18 an hour and then when the contract switched over to a new company they gave me a raise to 25 so it happens

  3. Damn I have a half sleeve and chest and it’s looking like that might be 7 sessions

  4. You didn’t even gain fat there’s nothing to cut

  5. The struggle of not having a garage and working weekdays

  6. I love the car but at the end of the day it’s a car it’s a 20 year old Chevy it’s gonna get dirty and I don’t obsess too much over it lol

  7. If you think that’s bad you should see the bumper on my corvette from living in nyc. It happens if you’re parallel parking. Yeah someone most likely did it and no there’s no way to tell who nd nothing you can do about it but just accept that it happens

  8. How do people do this it’s been 4 years for me and I’m still not even 15% at 155 🥲😂

  9. Dog it’s cause you’re 155. Eat some nutritious food and get your muscle up. If you maintain your body fat levels and increase your muscle weight then your body fat % will go down.

  10. I got up to 175 and I didn’t like that I was 20+% body fat so I’m cutting down now

  11. Lol wow i was just looking at his story earlier and saw this

  12. I didn't lift while losing (I walked a lot) and my fat:lean loss ratio, according to many measurements by my impedance scale, was between 3:1 and 5:1 throughout the losing part of my journey.

  13. All in all, very good progress pics and useful for this. Shrink the picture on the right about 10% because you're actually a bit closer to the lens there (I measured in those two places to confirm and shrunk the 2nd pic 10% and cropped them to be similar).

  14. I’m just scared I’m gonna be too small by the time I get to my goal bf%

  15. How was the chest? I'm starting the chest portion to tie into my sleeve in a week.

  16. In between the chest and the shoulder hurts so bad. And the lower chest too. And the clavicle

  17. Well it’s not an 06-08 cause it’s a DE

  18. Does it get very bad out there with things like this in San Antonio ? - someone who’s watching from the outside

  19. Anyone else find it weird that Brad hangs around kids all day? Dude is weird as fuck

  20. He has a business and these are his models ??

  21. I think that's an accurate statement. I don't want to be upgrading cell phones for sales guys for another 10 years.

  22. If I could get paid 6 figures for that I would never leave 😂

  23. Really? From left to right ? I can’t see anything. I think I need another 10lbs

  24. Yep, it shows on your waistline. In the left pic your stomach is bulging slightly more over your shorts, and you can see that the skin on your belly is less even/smooth in a few spots. Your sternum is also slightly more visible as well. You do need to lose more if you want a chiseled look, but there is a difference.

  25. Be on the lookout for what ?? 😂😂

  26. I don’t think roids even existed at that time

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