Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. Just discovered Uncle Roger last week and binge watching his videos.

  2. Is my math correct? If we had the same population as Japan, we'd be more or less the same?

  3. At this point ... Can there be good cops?

  4. How do you get +13 ring? Are you using all your upgrade scrolls on it? Or is there some crafting mechanic I don't know about?

  5. I got a +2 Furor Ring, Troll upgrade, and the rest Scrolls. So yes, I basically just shoved all the upgrades onto the one ring. By the time I got to the surface, it was around +14 or +15. Increased attack speed by over 450%.

  6. Linus Tech Tips did a whole blind study on ray tracing and can their staff even notice the difference or which one is "better" and the answer was..... even the most hardcore gamers and techies on their staff couldn't tell..

  7. I know it's all personal opinion etc but for me, I got a 144hz screen and played at high fps for about a year...

  8. You sure windows was set to 144hz? Refuse to believe someone can't tell the difference between that and 60.

  9. I could tell the difference using the UFO fps tester, but once I got immersed in gameplay I stopped noticing

  10. I delivered it to South Knot City knowing it was a bomb, I just assumed there would be some cut-scene of Sam figuring out it was a bomb and saving the day.

  11. Why does everyone talk about 570 and not the 470?

  12. I believe we just see the ones on the same server

  13. I kinda thought it would even be "instances" or "groups" on a server instead of the whole server (idk the terminology)

  14. I saw a fish once too! And I think some birds over an incinerator πŸ€”

  15. Just for lols, video should have had the mug not fit in the 3dprint either 🀣

  16. Yeah, the person Alex was replying to deleted them for some reason. He was also impressed by it despite not liking DLSS in general.

  17. 12100f is a fantastic part. Sucks that the 13100f is more expensive for very little gain. I was actually quite excited to see what Intel brought to the entry level this gen but this is disappointing.

  18. Yeah I'm paired with a GTX 2700 Super, and I've been playing Metro Exodus, Cyberpunk and Age of Empires 4 at a comfortable fps.

  19. Agreed, this one is so dumb it it actually gets me a bit angry every time I experience it.

  20. The part that kills me is I type "w" it suggests word, "wo" it suggests word, "wor" it suggests word, "word" it suggests the bing search for "word" and other related searches, but not the actual program link

  21. Mine instantly finds Word when I press 'w'.

  22. And all the extinctions we've caused and yet to cause

  23. Isn't maxing out the mirror fairly easy? I always felt I had lots of that stuff (idk what it is, some kind of purple diamond?) and never enough of other resources

  24. It's a feature of the hidden aspect of the fists

  25. Ahhh right. My favourite πŸ‘πŸ‘

  26. If you have spare nectar you can give him one for a minor buff.

  27. Where can I see if I have the buff? I keep giving Bouldy stuff but didn't notice it I ever received something

  28. I had it pinned that it’d be something like a 0:10 second sound clip of just pure silence or white noise, but I don’t hate the falsetto idea as well. By the time I get a call from Supergiant, I’m sure I’ll have had enough time to make my final decision.

  29. What the fuck does tying fishing lures sound like?

  30. I like how my company does it. Unlimited sick days separate from 4 weeks PTO. If a medical emergency came up, we can take sick days, just log in the timesheet, no doctor's note or anything, just honor system. If it is something extended it goes into short-term/tong-term disability instead of sick days, so that's at less than full pay, but for your normal flu, mild covid, etc just take sick days whenever.

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