1. Haha, I had stepped away and maybe forgot how cynical people were? Dating a bit over 4 months, kids, families and friends got introduced. $1425 CAD.

  2. Ok I'd definitely take her to court if necessary. She probably got some non transferrable tickets in place of those. She's done with you and she kinda screwed you; you owe her nothing.

  3. Ya.. we don’t really have that SUE THEM! mindset here in Canada. I think a simple text to ask on the refund status is fine. He can take it from there based on the response or lack thereof. At the end of the day, the reality is taking a loss is more mentally and financially prudent.

  4. I'll be the lone dissenter. Ok with testing (but my partner wears a condom so moot point). But discussing all of this prior to sex sounds very clinical. By the end of the conversation I'd be going home. Again, I'm all for protection and communication, but the latter can be discovered during sex.

  5. Ok wtf. I'm not taking about trauma. That's a whole other discussion aside from getting tested. Reddit can't help with that.

  6. How much experience do they have as swingers? He doesn't seem to be into it.

  7. It doesn’t sound like this dude is actually wanting an open relationship. Something tells me it wasn’t his idea.

  8. It's called PUD: Poly Under Duress. Sometimes one partner wants non-mono and the other partner goes along with it rather than get divorced.

  9. That's fucking disgusting. Is the owner like, embarrassed or anything???

  10. I'd never go back to that. Done it enough times. It's a ridiculous drag on your productivity. At the very least they should give you a very beefy VDI to develop on (never used one, I just hear that's a decent compromise).

  11. Honestly, as a guy...I just don't understand how anyone can't see the nose hairs sticking out. They never look in the mirror?

  12. Bad eyesight and no magnifying mirror. Presbyopia is a pain.

  13. Do you have his email? Send an anonymous email: "Hey I'm a friend of yours and I just have to tell you that your grooming is getting out of hand. Maybe your new gf is ok with it but would she tell you if she wasn't? I'd play it safe bro and get those eyebrow and nose hairs under control"

  14. Most Reddit clients will pull in the thumbnail from the first hyperlink in the post for the thumbnail that they use in the app

  15. I got into an argument on Facebook one day about men asking women over to their home on the first date and vice versa. The guy commenting on my post said he prefers to go to a woman’s home on a first date that way he knows right away if she can clean a house. I told him that is not safe for women to go to a stranger’s home. He replied with there aren’t any men out there trying to rape a 40 year old woman 😒

  16. Oat milk is high fodmap in 1 cup (250g) servings, and safe at 1/2 cup (140g) servings.

  17. Ok oatmilk is high FODMAP in amounts more than half a cup. I'd advise just avoiding it since there are a lot of better options.

  18. What’s high FODMAP oatmilk? Isn’t it just oats which are low?

  19. Village Merchants, Upstairs Basement, Wink Vintage, Kissing Booth

  20. You asked if anyone is buying vintage suits and then didn’t include any information. I was offering an observation. I’m sorry it’s throwing you off so much lmao

  21. All the facts that I wrote you ignore except for a typo. Do you want everyone else to ignore the facts in favor of a typo? I do that when I know I will lose the argument...on facts.

  22. "Sure, they keep digging up clay in the lot next door, but the gardens smell exquisite in the Spring!"

  23. How's that quarry going? My village is right next to a mountain but I have to spend a lot of money importing stone for some reason 🤔

  24. My question is, are your villagers still happy overall though?

  25. That seems like a completely different concern. And the answer is I don't remember but they were probably fine.

  26. The first thing I do with my steak is add a teaspoon of cultural Marxism. Dry rub of course.

  27. Cooking expensive meat is easy mode. Actual cooking is making a tasty dish with $1.50/lb pork butt.

  28. I'll say one thing about Trump: he's never surprising, always consistent.

  29. Some men will see being sober as a bonus. After the past couple of years I do because I've had some negative experiences with women who drink a lot.

  30. Agree completely! I think this author is supposing that it’s a potential complication, not that it’s a fact, as he otherwise cites papers wherever possible. I wish this wasn’t such a mystery!

  31. An entire plantain only has trace amounts of FODMAP according to the Monash app

  32. Does using Google # allow you to call from phone with Google # showing on caller ID?

  33. https://www.google.com/googlevoice/legal-notices.html?hl=en_US#:~:text=Caller%20ID,the%20person%20you're%20calling

  34. Yeah I definitely think it's holding you back. I don't know how to solve that problem. Personally if I have to drive more than 30 minutes to get to somebody's house I'm not interested.

  35. I find it absolutely wild that there's a GoFundMe for them. I don't want to assume greed it's more like the state of healthcare in the US and predatory funeral homes that a rich family would need help.

  36. Plenty of actors barely make six figures -- if you live in LA or NYC that's basically working class

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