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  1. Tell me you never knew a world with polio without telling me you never knew a world with polio :

  2. People with the polio vaccines have an extremely low probability of breakthrough.

  3. How do you know that almost every single vaccinated person still got covid? Also the vaccine did help in reducing the numbers of hospitalisation. So it helped reducing the workload for hospital staff and freed up vital equipment for the bad cases. Also, after the vaccine unvaccinated people were hospitalised at a disproportionally high rate. So much for it not having an effect. If you only count the vaccine successful if no vaccination occurs after getting the vaccine then you are ignorant of biology.

  4. How the fuck do you terminate a pregnancy 1 year afterward? What does that even mean? Lmao you realize that someone who is pregnant WILL give birth before then unless they terminate right? Have you ever had sex Ed? Do you even know what an ovary is?

  5. no one even uses it here

  6. Its not meant to replace your cell service or wifi. Its internet for people in places where cell and wifi dont exist.

  7. I usually use the average price of what I moved over to a wallet I control, on the date of the transfer. The transaction isn't complete until I receive my Bitcoin and I haven't received it until it is in a wallet I control.

  8. Good point I didn’t think of that

  9. It’s not really that complicated and only an issue if I create a taxable event, like selling my Bitcoin. However every sat I get goes to cold storage and I don’t foresee needing to sell for at least a decade

  10. True, but if you ever need to sell you’ll need to come up with an accurate tax basis somehow which could be difficult. If you don’t you’ll be taxes on the whole amount not just the gains.

  11. Yeah but a $126 trillion* market cap for Bitcoin is still f'in ridiculous

  12. Yeah long way for it to go to get that valuation, but as dollars are printed, the market cap of everything goes up exponentially. $100T is possible in the long run, but it is necessary for the price of everything to rise also. It’s either $100T or $0.

  13. Good lord would you look at the partition in the guys hair directly above the side view mirrors. Either that’s a glue on combed over Mohawk or a 1 inch part in the hair.

  14. Gotta be at least an inch gap if not more

  15. Anyone else think it looks a bit like a vantage at first glance

  16. Why is this the only game that I've ever played that is like that? I get killed behind doors and walls all the time. My set up is not the problem.

  17. As someone who has played COD/CS his whole life, this has been a problem in almost every shooter I've known.

  18. I too ha e played shooters and not one has had issues this bad. Sometimes it feels like I'm playing almost a half a second behind.

  19. Almost every cod has been worse imo

  20. What the "researchers" did is take annual power usage X whatever price they made up for the energy. The made up cost of the energy has nothing to do with how it affects the environment.

  21. https://bitinfocharts.com/top-100-richest-bitcoin-addresses.html

  22. You are correct, we will find out shortly.

  23. I respect the opinion. It’s not a sure thing but I think it likely won’t die.

  24. Yeah so if I was gonna get this car I’d buy the BMW

  25. I would, but the Z4 is hideous. Much better job with the Supra.

  26. Mmm no, the mining difficulty adjusts to keep 10 minute block times. It doesn't adjust with the value of the coin. The problem is the difference between the cost of mining and the market cap. Look.

  27. Lmao next time tell me you're illiterate before I write the comment.

  28. You gotta learn to keep your points concise and make sense. You’re jumping around and your thoughts don’t string together. A high school writing class would be beneficial. I’m sure you could get an online course if you skipped it (assuming you’ve been to high school of course).

  29. Sounds like reddit mods. Ban and will not tell you why. If you ask why, they mute you.

  30. The American government started the anti-vaxxer movement to kill off the stupidest of society.

  31. You arent supposed to give proof, that ruins the narrative. Delete now or -100 social credit score.

  32. yeah? considering they tend vote against this kind of stuff.

  33. Exactly yeah! Republicans are stupid meanies and dumbos! Democrats have cool hair and smell good 😎

  34. They're short sighted and selfish. Somehow thinking that spite is a good governing tactic. Time and time again it's been shown that having strong services only benefits the country, but republicans try to get their voters to support dismantling them by somehow making that argument that it's not themselves stealing from you, it's the brown and poor people.

  35. Yes exactly!!!! It’s completely reasonable to lump all republicans into simplistic, all-encompassing stereotypes!

  36. I can't understand what he's going on about, he's either mumbling or taking one hell of a shit.

  37. You picked one of the easiest rappers to understand as your example for mumble rappers?

  38. Why take out expensive loan when you can’t pay it back?

  39. I wholeheartedly disagree. Anyone who advocates for a digital currency is contributing to the public acceptance that will inevitably lead to a centrally controlled digital currency. My hands are clean of this.

  40. A digital currency that runs without a central bank is exactly how you defend yourself against cbdc.

  41. I know many people like this one, even it being super slow and super ugly IMO. Taste is something very personal indeed

  42. It beats supercars around the track. You might think its ugly, but its not slow.

  43. Invest all the money in bitcoin and sell them in OCT 2021.

  44. Why sell in October? You could have sold any ATH. Might as well keep holding it.

  45. Was there any trust platform back there for buying the bitcoin??

  46. Yes, peer-to-peer, and not much risk, they were almost worthless.

  47. I never said I was ok with illegal surveillance. I understand why he felt he had to do it, but I don’t agree with how he did it. There are rules governing the use, handling, release of classified material. When he chose to violate those rules and the oath he took asking that he wouldn’t break them, he chose to break the law and chose to be subject to the consequences.

  48. He is very vocal that the Whistleblower Protection Act would not have been able to protect him, and he had no proper channel for protection. Leaking was his only option.

  49. And it was true before the delta variant swept through.

  50. So they didnt have all the data, but presented like they did anyway. Goalpost moved when new info was introduced.

  51. Just out of curiosity, would you consider wETH a glorified IOU?

  52. Yeah it is. You exchange the underlying asset (ETH) for an ERC-20 coin (wETH). The value of wETH comes strictly from the ability to swap it back for the underlying asset, ETH, at any point.

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