CBN founder, ‘The 700 Club’ host Pat Robertson dies at 93

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  1. Believe it or not I actually called this one.

  2. Automatic IT Crowd reference upvote.

  3. I saw this in my head and had to make it lol

  4. We use to shoot and kill nazis… that’s just history. Im not encouraging violence, just educating people.

  5. Why would ANYONE go out of their way to tweet about a company they are HEAVILY invested in “not being in business for long”. This clip has got to be the dumbest take, I hope that everyone can see these jesters for what they are.

  6. Like the old guy being the curator in Ready Player One

  7. I can’t get away with driving a fucking car without a license yet these ass hats were RUNNING AN ENTIRE FUCKING MARKET!

  8. Hell yeah they are. I did 2 NFT drops previously where people have to provide their address and that took about 5 hours of my life to get it out to about 200 people.

  9. OHHH well that’s pretty convenient. As long as bots don’t grab them or some shit

  10. Usually not an issue with bots. Also keeps from everyone having to drop their wallet in a public comment section lol

  11. They're pretty angry that more of us are choosing not chase after that buyer's high between Thanksgiving and January.

  12. It was shopping or seasonal depression around that time, we chose the latter.

  13. The Emu/Orca alliance is already preparing their next moves, I see.

  14. Seriously. If it’s GOLD than it should be good enough to go arrest his ass RIGHT NOW.

  15. I showed up a little late, but I’m now here!

  16. They're interviewing Towel company board members and investors? Ya it's a slam piece.

  17. A few of us have been really trying lately to remind our siblings what a union really is

  18. So You’re the reason I couldn’t buy any packs on my birthday from GameStop this weekend!!!! Lol

  19. I’m sorry 😬 I hear they’re expecting one more restock of these though very soon! Promise I’ll sit this one out 🤞

  20. If they do a another buy 3 get 1 free… so help my bank account

  21. He was paid effectively 1B as severance after he rolled back the 700M in misappropriated funds before the ipo, so it’s even worse than stated. Shit had already hit the fan before he got that payday. He originally got 1.7B but then continued to get sued into oblivion and had stuff clawed back. Still a billionaire from it all after it is all said and done.

  22. Where are these jobs where you get millions of dollars when you fuck up and quit?!?!?

  23. Apes will be born tomorrow 🦍 🟣

  24. Well tomorrow is my birthday… I can share the day

  25. Thanks. I just have to get through this workday and then I can properly celebrate

  26. They should work on reducing their carbon footprint. Let’s make them a nice website that helps them calculate it…

  27. If they could just do a few things like, stop making avocado toast, skip car rides to get coffees, reduce the destruction of the environment, you know just those few things and they should be good.

  28. Only 25 of these exist. Mine is 21/25. Pretty pumped

  29. I got a ruby also! Congrats! Mine is 25/25 #6

  30. Nice. I think the 1/25 and 25/25 are more sought

  31. When you No-look swing the door closed while walking away and it latches just right.

  32. Anything can go to zero if someone tries to sell a lot, and there’s no buyers.

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