Israel at the World Cup

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  1. you are getting down-voted, but that girl absolutely is not Japanese in the sense of having grown up in Japan. Her pronunciation is not at all Japanese, she doesn't look full Japanese, she doesn't have the mannerisms of a Japanese person and I've never met a Japanese person who has an actual opinion about the Israeli political situation to the degree that would make them walk away from someone from Israel like that. The girl might have some blood connections to Japan, but the way she acts it's clear she didn't grow up in "normal" Japanese society and isn't a representation of how 99% of people from Japan would act or react to that situation.

  2. I would have to agree. Not saying shes not japanese idk her personally. But she does not look a tiny bit japanese.

  3. I love the irony of your post getting downvoted while the OP misidentifying her as Japanese gets upvoted. Hive Mind is a thing.

  4. “These assholes are always holding me back.”

  5. Joey in Jail: ‘These assholes are always holding me back.’

  6. I didnt know people with allergies had a look until this photo

  7. Another favorite of mine. I applied this to Carvana. I sold when people were saying “Carvana just offered me more than I paid for this new”… I’m thankful

  8. Ah a similar investment technique ive seen in the big short where Mark Baum decides to short the housing market after a stripper tells him she has 4 condos

  9. Top in yields is the bottom in value. People don't say the top is in for bonds when they're talking about yields, they say that in respect to the value.

  10. Any links so i can learn more about the ups and downs of bonds that you speakof

  11. You’ll be on wsb loss porn front page if you think you could get rich trading stocks as a college student especially as a first timer…….if you’re still reluctant on trying something else i could only suggest investing because as a 20 year old lets be realistic you have nothing BUT TIME…..and the best lessons i’ve learned is time in the market always beats timing the market. Not financial advice.

  12. While you can technically squeeze a full magazine into a roller-delayed gun like these; it’s not recommended. Sometimes the mag fails to seat due to the pressure between the bolt carrier and first round.

  13. I found it annoying way back in MW2019 where the player always opens the bolt with one in the chamber just to swap mags. But cool to know that its actually a realistic feature.

  14. I do miss the good old days….. when i was still a kid my cousin and i would leave one crawler alive so we could make a couple bucks boarding up windows before starting the next round

  15. You should definitely tell your parents about the GME saga

  16. Mt09 for a first is really daring…….

  17. For real tho these are bombs when they’re freshly baked

  18. OP you seem to be missing a washing machine or is it not shown here

  19. I think 50 bmg should be a suitable starting round for your sister

  20. Yeah he’s actually fine only minor injuries

  21. Definitely taking the horse home this time

  22. Im not even married but this makes me want a divorce

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